Sarah’s LA Bachelorette Party

One of the things I was most looking forward to post-ironman was the chance to travel and see family!  My cousins on my dad’s side and my sisters and I are very close and for the past few years we have made “cousins” weekends a tradition.  I love getting to see them and though it’s sad we have to be far apart, it’s amazing how quickly we can bond again (and laugh so much!) once we’re all together.

Chicago Cousin’s Weekend 2008

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A little younger… dressed to the hilt!

Britt’s Portlandia Bachelorette Weekend 2011

Bachelorette party at the Farmer’s Market!

And now… Sarah’s LA Family Bachelorette 2014


Love these girls so much!  So anyway, just a quick recap of our fabulous weekend in LA to celebrate Sarah’s upcoming wedding:

Friday – trip to “secret” beach in Malibu.  There are a lot of properties blocking the beach, but the beaches are public, so we found an alleyway to access them and enjoyed the sound of the waves and lots of girl talk.  It’s funny how our girl talk has shifted over the years from chasing boys to houses, babies, etc… and of course our shared love of GoT and Orange is the New Black.  We hung out then enjoyed a great shared dinner at a restaurant down the street from my cousin’s apartment.


Saturday – We headed to Slimmons, yes Richard Simmon’s exercise studio!  Sadly, he was out due to an ankle injury, but the owner, Sherri gave us a great class and we learned lots of dance moves for later that night (just imagine how awesome we looked doing the pharaoh, the rainbow, the basketball or the bow and arrow?!).  After the class, we grabbed lunch, did some napping,then some bachelorette crafting.  Sarah & Megan made us a delicious stir fry meal (I love eating with them since it always delicous and lots of fruit/veggies!).


We met up with John, Sarah’s hubby-to-be, and Megan’s man Reed at a Jazz club (hence the sequined singer in the photo farther above) and then were headed out to dance at Bootie LA, a club that does mash-ups (if you’ve seen Glee you might now a mash-up, a mix of 2 or 3 songs in one – it’s pretty neat).  We had a lot of fun dancing!  By the end of the night some 2 AM hot dogs were in order (the best ever according to Gilli).


Sunday – I was up early (of course, just like at sleep overs when I was little), so Gilli and I went on a long walk around the neighborhood.  California is so darn perfect!  Great weather, flowers in bloom, sigh.  We then headed to Manhattan Beach to walk around, grab lunch at Becker’s and enjoy the waves.  It was such a great little beach town with lots of surfers walking around barefoot and a laid back vibe.


Then one last stop for some shopping & froyo stop before the airport.


Such a lovely weekend with some girls that are so special to me!  So excited for Sarah & John and I CAN’T wait for their wedding in August!

One thought on “Sarah’s LA Bachelorette Party

  1. Living in Southern CA, I will say that this WAS a beautiful weekend! Also, I haven’t been to a Richard Simmons’ class, but a colleague has and apparently it is an unforgettable experience. Glad you had such a great weekend.

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