Hiking at Brazos Bend State Park

It’s been pretty wonderful having SO much extra time.  I won’t lie that sometimes I don’t know what to do with myself and am having to limit my food a little a lot more, but all the extra time with David is great, and his neck is healed enough to where he can do some activities now!  Running and real biking is still out, but hiking and easy neighborhood bike rides are good for now. 


For me, I’m still moving daily and have gotten back to swim/bike/running, but nothing too intense yet.  My body is feeling okay, but not quite 100% – the best way to describe it is that I don’t feel as fluid as normal, a bit stiff maybe.  So on Sunday, we decided to do a gentle workout we could both do: a morning hike at Brazos Bend State Park, which is less than an hour drive south of Houston.  Ok, so Houston hiking is certainly nothing like in the west, but we like excuses to get out and see nature together.  And there was lots of nature here – in the form of GATORS!  If you’re squeamish about them, maybe just skip this post and don’t ever visit this park.

We parked at the Visitors Center then did the Elm Lake and 40-acre Lake Trails, a little over 5 miles (~2 hours) of very flat hiking.  The roads in this park would be great for easy mountain biking with families.  Hiking boots are most certainly not needed here (we wore them as we thought it would be muddy from recent rains).  It was pretty humid but not too bad in the shade.  As David said, “the park exceeded my expectations, which were pretty low in the first place.  This would be an awesome place for little boys!”  And it was a fun place for photography and nice to feel like we went on a hike since we don’t get much hiking in except for vacations.  I’ll let pictures tell most of the story:


First alligator sighting, and only one out of the water and near the trail.  We saw 15-20 probably (plus rabbits, deer, turtles and lots of birds).


How I feel about alligators… not gonna mess with them!


This cute baby was sunning, but mom was nearby in the water.


The park is very flat, with a little observatory at 40-acre lake.  Not a bad place for a snack and some views.


Our good deed for the day – we saved a baby turtle from the road.  Don’t cross the road little guys!


Any other Houstonians that miss hiking like us?  We need to find some trails in the Hill Country sometime.

One thought on “Hiking at Brazos Bend State Park

  1. Gators freak me out a bit! I few years ago my husband and I visited some friends in Ocean Springs, MS and we competed in a triathlon in Louisiana. I’ve never swam so fast…I thought the gators were for sure going to get us! Luckily, we never saw one at the race venue. 🙂

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