Ironman Texas Thank Yous

I’m kind of stumped on where to start with my post-Ironman thoughts as there are so many, but first off I want to do some thank you’s:

David: my love, my best friend. I knew when I signed up even though I was doing it solo, but that it would affect both our lives and I would need your help and commitment along the way.  I know there were lots of days, and even weeks where ironman took over my life and came first. I went to bed (and got up) early, was consumed with packing and re-packing for the following day, preparing my food, and logging my workouts.  You listened to all my workouts (triumphs and woes and exact recaps) and let me set the weekends around my training schedule.  I know there were some times when I could have balanced things better, but I thank you for understanding, being patient, and just being there when I needed you. Thank you for all the extra work you did at home, for no complaints even while having a broken neck, for making t-shirts & organizing cheerleaders for the race, for letting me crawl into bed and fall asleep on your shoulder when I had self-doubts at 2 AM before the big race.  You are always there for me and make my world a better place.


Marni & Karel: Sure, I probably could have plodded through an ironman on my own, but not nearly that fast, that STRONG or that smart. You two have taught me so many lessons in sports and life, and choosing TriMarni for coaching was by far the best decision I made during this ironman journey! I was and still am astounded by the results. Sure, it was a lot of hard work, but you guided me in the right direction and reassured me when I had doubts. You helped me through some challenges at the beginning of the season and then allowed me to continually surpass my own expectations. You knew exactly what I was going through and were there at any time for me. I can’t thank you or recommend your services to others enough, you two are a killer team!


Mr. & Mrs. Breaux: I love that you understand my triathlon journey (being cyclists & triathletes yourself), and that you whole-heartedly opened your house to me every weekend as a training base. You have always been there for our races and events and both have so much love to give; it means so much.


My Training Buddies: I did do a lot of solo workouts since I was on my own training plan, but when I did have a friend or group to workout with it was always a joy and always pushed me a little extra. Thanks y’all for getting up early with me, making sure I tried my hardest, and keeping me accountable. The [good] pain of a workout and the exhaustion afterwards are always better when shared with friends.

Friends, Family, BLOG READERS, and everyone that reached out to me before, during and after my race: Your support meant the world! From coming out to the race, to emails, to packages, to kind notes, I was blown away by the kindness. So much was unexpected. I was partly frightened because I had so many people tracking me, but secretly loved it! I knew every time I crossed a tracking line in the race I was connecting with someone! It sounds weird, but I felt like ironman, in a roundabout way, showed me so much love and how much I had to be grateful for.  Thank y’all. 

Body: 12 hours of continuous movement – 140.6 miles of distance.  I could not have done this without my strong body & mind. There have been so many times in the past I have looked in the mirror and thought negatively, or been unhappy about my body, but it has always healed, has always kept going, and has never let me down. During training I did my best to properly fuel, recover, and get enough sleep and then let my body do the rest. I loved watching the changes – becoming more efficient with my nutrition, gaining core strength, running strongly after a long bike.  I just loved feeling in “top” shape.  Thank you body for making this possible. 


So yes, I’m taking recovery post-ironman very seriously and listening to my body, but I am already feeling the itch…. what can I say, I love moving my body, it makes me happy!

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