Recovery Week

Well thank you to those of you that read my lengthy saga race reports for IMTX.  I know I was super detailed but I wanted to remember every moment and be able to look back on it for a long time!  It’s still hard to believe it’s over and has already been a week. 


{ A card from my sister }

Recovery Week:

I woke up at 2 AM hungry both Saturday and Sunday night after the race.  On Saturday night I hobbled down the stairs and downed half a leftover Amy’s pizza, chocolate milk and a cookie bar –  I was desperately wishing for a cookie or brownie, but of course there was no junk food in the house.  I managed to go back to bed (some moaning from my chafed legs/rear), but I slept through 7 AM the next day.  David ran to the store and got ingredients and we made pancakes for the house – that was all I wanted; so good!  Mr. & Mrs. B also really liked my favorite protein pancakes made from cottage cheese, egg and oats. 


And of course we had to stop by the Ironman store before heading back to Houston.  David and my guy friends encouraged me to get the shirt below, so I did (plus lots of other items) – I figured I earned it, right?  I’m definitely not getting a tattoo (not my thing), so I figured I’d spend my money on apparel instead Smile


We did take a lot of time to celebrate and eat on Sunday with friends.  First meeting up with a lot of girlfriends that also did IMTX at Cottonwood Grill.  I ate a burger and fries for the first time in a LONG time and downed it.  My body was craving the salt & fat.  Then met with friends again for dinner at The Original Ninfa’s Mexican food – lots of guacamole and a margarita!  I swore it would not be possible to wake up hungry after all that food, but sure enough at 2 AM Sunday I was awake for a midnight snack.  By Monday/Tuesday things had settled down and I was craving real, healthful foods again – get me a green smoothie!  need veggies!  Yep, back to normal.

The two days post-race my muscles were pretty sore – lots of hobbling up and down stairs – but it wore off sooner than I thought and getting a massage that week helped.  What I didn’t expect was that for a good 5 days later I could tell my heart/lungs were still recovering.  I took some very short 30 minute swims on Wednesday and Friday and could tell I still wasn’t ready to push past anything other than easy, and I needed lots of breaks.  How did I ever do an ironman just a week ago?!


But I had no problem listening to my body and no need to start “training” again right away.  I absolutely loved that David and I were able to enjoy a lot of neighborhood walks together just to get the body moving (while sporting my IMTX visor), and [finally!] we took a trip to the Farmer’s Market.  I’d been looking forward to a Saturday where I could go.  Easy movement was helping me from feeling stiff and it was fun to fill up our fridge with some local, summer veggies.


So things are feeling good so far.  This weekend I met my friend Regina for an easy bike ride on my road bike, but I don’t plan to run until later this week (10-12 days post race).  Even then, there will be lots of walking too.  Some food from the week:


I am loving lots of color!  Especially purple cabbage and fruits. And the occasional treat – froyo!  Lastly, a date night at the park with a bit of champagne and some to-go snacks from Whole Foods.  Enjoying this lovely weather and lots of extra time while we still can.


For those that are asking what’s next – well, no, no plans for signing up for another ironman anytime soon!  I can see how it is tempting; the memories of pain dissipate very quickly and you wonder what the next goal is now that you have conquered one that has been on the horizon for so many years.  But, for me it’s a little more focus on spending time with family and planning some fun travel for the latter part of this year.  I will be continuing coaching with Marni (yay!) for a couple shorter races; some summer Olympics and possibly a fall race.  I like to have goals to keep up my fitness, and we want to keep the rest of the season really fun and focus on strength.  But nothing super long for now!


With that, happy Memorial Day to all and thank you to those past, present and future serving our country!  I am thinking of you today.

2 thoughts on “Recovery Week

  1. Perfect recovery week! Starving after IM is totally normal… I remember practically feeling my body burning calories in the few days after; my skin was hot to touch! Hope you’re continuing to recover well! That card from your sis is awesome 🙂

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