Race Week

Soooo it’s race week!  The only thing I can compare this to is my wedding, haha!  So much work into one event, and the week before seems SO long.  You just can’t wait to get to the event, and then it gets there and happens so quickly.  Now if only ironman were as much fun as my wedding…  The goal is to have great memories from both!

I will admit I’m not a fan of taper as much as I try.  I get confused, my body sends mixed signals and questions everything – am I tired, am I prepared, am I losing fitness, am I injured… all that fun stuff.  And of course I’m going crazy making sure my equipment is just right.  But I know it’s all in my head, so trying to ignore it best I can.  I did, however, welcome the lesser training volume and sigh of relief that came after peak week. 

I talked to Marni last weekend which was always calming, and she reassured me I’m ready and had some pretty solid predictions for my times – I was flattered by her confidence in me.  I’m ready to race smart and see what I can do.  This day is going to be all about me and my race, no one else’s.  I’m getting to listen to my body and do my thing, and I really want to finish strong! 

I’m pretty psyched for the swim.  I did one last OWS last weekend and was feeling super good in my Roka swim skin – it’s speedy.  Even though there seems to be a possibility the race will be wetsuit legal.  I can’t wait to ride 100+ miles; this is my favorite thing – if I could just ride long all the time I might just do that.  And a power meter is a secret weapon, I know exactly where I need to be.  The only thing I’m worried about on the bike is getting a flat (I know out of my control, right?) and keeping up on nutrition (in my control).  The run will be tough, BUT I’m super excited as that’s the point where there will be lots of crowds including my family and friends.  It sounds like a big party for the spectators!  The run is where I really get to test myself out and maybe even take some risks – if and when the time is right. 

A lot of my paces/times will come down to the conditions that day and I’ll have to adjust depending on the heat & humidity.  I just have to remind myself I’ve done this many times before – it’s just like any training that I’ve done where I prepared and executed.  I need to remember my mental tricks:

– Focus on what’s in your control; controllables = attitude, pace, nutrition

– Don’t jump ahead with your thoughts, stay in the present task (don’t think about the bike on the swim)

– I don’t have a magic ball to predict the future, so just let things happen

– For every negative thought, think of two positive


I’ll never have a first ironman again, so I better enjoy each mile!  My goal above all is to enjoy the day and know I raced smart.  I’m #338, and you can probably track me somewhere on ironman.com.  See you on the flip side soon!

12 thoughts on “Race Week

  1. Good luck, good luck, good luck!!
    And I can honestly say (my husband agrees!) that our first Ironman day was just as good as our wedding! You worked a lot harder to get there, whereas with a wedding you just fell in love πŸ™‚
    On the run lots of the spectators really are enjoying the party. It’s fun to watch them and takes your mind off what you’re doing!
    Can’t wait to read all about your amazing race and day!

    1. Haha, thanks Abby, you’re right, the wedding was a lot work! Yes, super excited to see all the parties going on during the run. Thanks for all the support!

  2. good luck and have fun! The best advice I got was that there will be dark moments, but know that no matter how bad it gets things WILL turn around. I found that to be true so if you find yourself in a low point just wait it out, the finish line is so worth it =)

  3. So excited for you, Brittany! The hay is in the barn… you are ready for tomorrow! The day FLIES by, so soak up every.single.moment! Enjoy it, stay in the moment and keep moving forward. Remember to smile, and have FUN! Tracking you all day!

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