Memorable Workouts from IMTX Training

First off, thank you guys so much for all the kind comments you are leaving!  It really means a lot that others are supporting and having confidence in me.  I can’t wait to share a race report with you soon.

Random happy note from the day – I normally swim in the mornings, but due to work I had to swim at lunch today.  I had a shorter, yet challenging set to do, and since I’m in taper and going nuts I went in to the swim questioning my fitness/skill levels.  Have I really improved since January?  Is the IM swim going to seem so long?  Am I swimming fast enough today?  All sorts of self-doubt thoughts I was trying ignore.  A Masters group was a couple lanes down and I heard the coach saying things like “…100’s descending on 1:30” etc. and I thought, ha, wish I could swim with that group!  Anyway, I got going and realized my times were pretty solid, so I kept pushing a long, focusing on form if I ever felt off.  About halfway through my main set, the masters group was done and the coach was leaving and randomly stopped by during one of my rests and said “You swim pretty good.  You should join us sometime.  We’re here at lunch and you can drop in anytime”.  Wow!  I know it doesn’t sound like much, but for this non-swimmer, that was a HUGE confidence booster and came just at the right time.  A random person who is a swimmer telling me that I swim well?  I sort of felt like, no matter what happens at ironman, I’ve accomplished a really big goal, and I will be reminding myself of this compliment during the ironman swim.  Going from the slow lane (very literally) to being invited to a masters group.  I’m over the moon and now I’m sort of excited to see what the ironman swim brings Smile  Okay, okay, enough boasting…

So I’ve been starting my race planning, and among lots of lists and schedules I’m making out for next week, one of the things Marni asked me to do was to to “write down some of your most memorable workouts and why you are going to think of those on race day to remind you of how strong you are. Remember the workouts you didn’t think you could do and the workouts when you felt amazing.”  I need my secret weapons to bottle up and use on race day!



From breathing every other stroke….. to balanced, bilateral breathing and straighter swimming; from when 2,000yd felt long….to 4,000+ yd swims on Friday mornings; from concern during OWS… to confidence and ease at the lake

  • Favorite set: 20×50’s descending every 4; love the punch at the end and goes by quickly!
  • Confidence Booster Set: 5 x 300’s main set in long course pool – I felt robotic and almost mechanical.
  • Workout I thought I couldn’t do: 3×1000’s main set – I oddly wasn’t exhausted. 
  • Workout that surprised me: OWS at Lake 288; scary how good it felt and how well I was sighting.

Cycling / Bricks


From not being able to ride comfortably for over an hour…. to a solo century!  From when 3 hours was a long ride… to 3 hours being a treat;  from not enjoying hills on my tri bike… to learning climbing techniques and loving the variety hills bring.

  • Favorite Bike: my solo century with extra hills.  I loved that I could conquer this myself and enjoyed all of it including all the forests and wildflowers.  I fueled will and had a super strong 45 minute run right after
  • Workout that surprised me: 3hr weekday bike + 15 min run: wow for a weekday, held really strong wattage and covered 55 miles after work!  Also felt really strong on my Intensive Brick and had a stellar run off the bike.  My legs just carried me.
  • Confidence Booster Workout: biking the hills at TriMarni camp.  I had so much fun riding Marni/Karel’s wheel and just took off during our informal race day.  (and loved the camaraderie from my team mates).



From not much running off the bike… to my best runs being off the bike.  From a 9:00 min long run pace… to an 8:30 pace feeling not bad. 

  • Confidence Booster Workouts: 15 & 17 milers at Memorial park.  Really good fueling both times, good pacing, and loving my walk breaks.
  • Workout that surprised me: Long interval run (with David) on tired legs.  Ran 5×1 mile at a sub-8 minute pace on an interval of 8:40 minutes.
  • Workout I thought I couldn’t do: 1:45hr run in The Woodlands after my IMTX swim + course ride.  My legs were dead but I split it up mentally and finished strongly!

2 thoughts on “Memorable Workouts from IMTX Training

  1. Master’s is the single best way to becoming a better/stronger/faster swimmer!! It totally beats swimming on your own any day. When IM is over you should pop in and do a swim. I bet you would love it!!
    This is a great idea! Definitely gives you a confidence boost and all the great works out you have had through the season!

    1. Thanks Leslie- I agree swimming with people is great! I wish I could join this group (if I had more time at lunch), but who knows, maybe I can do an occasional drop in 🙂

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