A “Fun” Intensive Brick

One of the things I love about my training is that every week is different.  Sure, I have a pattern I mainly follow, but every week is different and every workout has a different purpose.  I’ve been doing some higher volume and working on longer-distance pacing lately, so when I saw this brick last week I was kind of excited for a change – apart from the 2:45 hours on a Tuesday night part Winking smile

I know the zones confuse people, but Z4 = hard effort (165-185 watts for me), and Z3 = not “all day” pace but not too hard either (135-165 watts for me).  I was asked by my Dad recently if I hold 25o watts while biking and the answer is a big NO – haha, not unless I’m climbing up a steep hill!  I know pros can easily hold these numbers, but I’m no pro.  I haven’t been tested for power in awhile, so I’m not sure what my thresholds would be right this minute. Anyway, I wanted to share this workout since I really enjoyed it! 

2hr Bike:
10min EZ then 10×1’ ON/OFF fast cadence efforts, 5min EZ spin
MS: 2min, 4min, 6min, 8min, 5min, 3min, 1min all intervals are at low Z4 with 2min EZ spin between
5min EZ spin
2x 15 min steady at low to mid Z3 w/2min EZ between
SESP for the rest of the ride.

45 min T-Run:
Progressive Run: 10min EZ run at IM target pace, 10min a little stronger pace, 10min a little stronger than the previous 10min.
Walk 30sec in between the 10min segments. Focus on good form.
Rest of the run is just an easy run/jog to cool down.

This bike went by amazingly fast with all the interval work, and I felt SO good on this workout – it felt great to have some speed in these ironman legs once again.  And on the brick runs I’ve been just cruising at an 8:30 min/mi pace lately.  It’s almost scary how easy it feels some evenings.  Remember, I am the same girl who started running 4 years ago at a 10:00-11:00 min/mile pace!

All I could think was that I had to bottle up this positive energy and remember it for race day!


And thanks for all your kind thoughts for David; he is doing better but still a lot less mobile.  We are hoping for a speedy recovery!  I’ll be back with a better update soon!

5 thoughts on “A “Fun” Intensive Brick

  1. Interval training, whether on the track, on my bike, or in the pool, is my favorite for this very reason. It keeps things interesting, let’s me focus on little goals, and allows me to challenge myself in ways I wouldn’t do otherwise. That is really impressive that you went from a 10-11min run pace to 8:30 pace. A prime example of hard work and dedication paying off! 🙂

  2. I love interval training…It prevents me from getting bored during a workout. It doesn’t matter if it is swimming, cycling, or running, I prefer an interval workout over a long boring endurance workout 🙂

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