Ironman Texas Week 5: Recovery for both Breauxs

This week’s update will be brief – most sadly, David is on the couch in a neck brace because he has a fractured vertebrae.   He was kiteboarding, and his board caught a wave and flew up and hit him right in the back of the neck.  He is doing ok, and doctor says it will heal in 6 weeks, but we are keeping his neck stabilized and not too much activity for now.  I just hate to see him in pain and am trying to help him get what he needs and make sure he doesn’t do any lifting, etc. 


So other than David’s owie, the week went well.  A couple days of recovery and light swimming at the start of the week were much needed after my “iron brick” weekend.  Honestly, I was more tired than I thought I would be and it took me some time to recover.  I took full advantage of any easy swims/runs and tried to stretch more this week.  As far as volume goes this was a lighter week, but I am still seeing some 4,000+ yd swims, 2-4 hr bikes, and this week’s long run was “just” a 1.5 hour run.  Funny how perspective changes.

Just some randoms from the week:


{A nice reminder on Tuesday }


{The most amazing post-ride cookies made by my mother-in-law.  A day later and almost all gone. }


{ Recovery meal after a 4 hr ride + 30 min run }


And lastly – I am SOOO excited about this thoughtful gift from my Dad (and Mom too).  He got me electronic Di2 shifting for my birthday!!  I don’t know what I was more excited about, the gift, or the thought behind it.  My dad is the best.  And also an extremely strong cyclist.  I can’t wait to set my bike up after ironman, it is going to be one bad-A bike!


Photo from my my favorite ride EVER – cycling up Haleakala volcano in Maui with my Dad in 2008.  He kept me going when I was almost ready to quit.  Anyway, thank you Dad; I only wish we could cycle together more!

8 thoughts on “Ironman Texas Week 5: Recovery for both Breauxs

    1. You will have to go back someday, you would love it! But yes, that climb is brutal even with good knees. Thanks, yes, David is doing better, but is sad to be inactive for so long.

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