Ironman Texas Week 10

Week 10 would be one of my first “big” weeks with a couple 2-hour bike/bricks and even my first 4000yd swim set!  This week FLEW by.  I was really just going day to day, and before I knew it I thought “it’s Thursday?!”.  I had something going on every night of the week, so I felt like I was gone a lot.  A couple highlights from the week of training:

On Tuesday night I did a brick on the bike trail.  Enjoyed the warmer weather and even saw a slithering snake on the trail!


Before I knew it, it was Thursday night and I was back on the trail for a long 2.5 hour bike.  This is probably the hardest part, coming home at 7 or 8 after a long bike and then hitting the pool the next morning for a long set.  I think you really have to prepare ahead of time and expect little time for other events/errands during the week.


{ love enjoying the Texas sunset on the last few minutes of my rides }

I had a minor issue this week; I have been wearing Mizuno Wave Inspires for a long time now – and have been pretty happy with them.  When I went to order another pair, of course they have completely changed their model and all the old ones are no where to be found.  I tried their new Inspire 10 model and was not happy – a lot narrower in the toes and not as much padding.  They gave me some nerve/pinching issues in my left foot near my toes, so I had to return them.  Now I’m trying the Asics GT-2000 wide model at the recommendation of the running store.  They seem to be working so far so fingers crossed!


{ sadly very unhappy with the Mizuno Wave Inspire 10’s }

The weekend was completely cruddy weather – I got poured on both Saturday and Sunday!  On Saturday we went to The Woodlands to do a bike ride from my in-laws house and also celebrate my mother-in-law’s birthday.  David, myself and our friend Kevin biked the lower part of the IMTX course and then did a short brick run.  I’m using a custom Infinit formula for my bikes (light on the flavor, some extra electrolytes for the Texas heat) and it seems to be working really well for me so far!  For my runs, I’m using Infinit Napalm in a gel flask.


We were soooo muddy after!  My socks that were white turned brown and it looked like we’d gone mountain biking!  On the bright side, I had a really great bike – I may have biked a little too strongly above my power zones, but around 60 miles I just felt so great, I could have kept going longer!  I think my nutrition plan (1 bottle with 1.75 scoops Infinit per 60-75 mins) worked really well.  David tried the Infinit and it made him have to stop twice within two hours to pee, haha!  But other than that he liked it.  And nobody ran us off the road, but Kevin lost a bottle from his rear cage then a big van ran straight over it and crushed it!  It was sad yet comical at the same time.


Most of my runs are Sundays on tired legs.  I ran solo and got drenched on again.  But I was loving my BD skulls headband to keep my hair back, I felt pretty hardcore in the rain!


Marni told me in one of her notes “training won’t get more intense, we will just work more on Ironman pacing now” – thank goodness, I don’t think I could take that much more intensity Smile  The added volume is enough for now!  The week was good, but I was feeling the “on the edge of injury” with my foot annoyance.  I have to watch it, I’ve gotten a nerve issue in my feet before from high heels / too narrow shoes, so I don’t want that to impact any training.  And I had a couple mechanical issues on my bike-grrr.  Should be fixed by this week, but I can’t help but think how much easier things would be without so many equipment issues.  Still, I finished the week feeling pretty strong and on Sunday enjoyed some downtime to blog, take my Epsom salt bath, wear compression and eat/cook.

This week’s fave meals from upper left: tempeh stir-fry with bell pepper, pineapple, kale, ginger and cashews over kamut; black bean-veggie quesadilla and salad (guac, greek yogurt and salsa to top), Amy’s tomato soup with added kale, tofu cubes and cheese; and homemade blueberry-cottage cheese pancakes with fruit on the side.


2 thoughts on “Ironman Texas Week 10

  1. All I can say is your a champ! Riding in the rain…I become a wimp. I have totally become spoiled by the San Diego sun. Way to get it done!

    1. Ha, it’s not by choice – I guess I just get stuck in it every now and then! I mainly hate cleaning my bike after… yes, San Diego seems like triathlon heaven!!

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