Ironman Texas Training Week 11

Whew, I’m a little behind in training posts, but that’s how it is; I’m just going day to day!

I got back from camp and worked on my recovery… a full day off and a day of active recovery, plus lots of veggies (green smoothie), Epsom salt bath, and standing at my sit-stand desk at work.


Before I knew it I was back to the grind though!   I was really tested by one of my swim workouts this week:

AM Swim – 3000 yards

  • 500 warm-up, 2 x 200’s drill, 100 skull
  • 6 x 50’s (25 drill, 25 distance per stroke)
  • Main set:
    • 4 x 100’s (75 @ 75%, 25 fast) :20 sec rest (I did this at @ 1:34-1:36)
    • 4 x 100’s (50 @ 75%, 50 fast) :20 sec rest (@ 1:33-1:34)
    • 4 x 100’s (25 @ 75%, 75 fast) :20 sec rest (@ 1:31-1:33)
    • 4 x 100’s race pace : 30 sec rest (@1:39-1:41)
    • (after each 4 x 100’s, rest an additional 1 minute to fully recover. If form gets sloppy, rest a little longer. Record times).
  • 200 cool down free/backstroke.

In my notes I wrote “the 100’s got hard – definitely an arm-burning set!”.  I was glad I had my bottle with sports nutrition to sip on during this workout, otherwise I might have been hungry for some time afterwards.

Week 11 was my first “long” 2-hour ride during the week.  I’m pretty happy that daylight savings time is here, and that my office is across from 10+ miles of bike trail.  It’s working out perfectly for my long bricks and bike rides that I don’t have time to do in the morning.  My preference is morning workouts, but 4 AM is my limit for waking up so the evenings it is!


{ In Betty Designs wind breaker during the cooler evening bikes }

I also am doing some longer rides on the weekend, so I rode the Oilman course (also the upper portion of the IMTX bike course) and was actually really enjoying the hills now that I know my climbing techniques from Karel. 

And not to forget food… David picked up Mache salad for the first time from the grocery store, and I just loved it’s light, soft texture!  Have you tried it?  I had a berry-cucumber-kale mache salad plus some quinoa, black  beans and guac with Ezekiel’s sprouted tortillas.  (the full story: David wanted Chipotle but it was packed and we couldn’t even get a parking spot, so I made us our own burrito bowls; I think they turned out better). 


Pictured below is a post-run omelet made with 1 egg + 2 egg whites, kale, broccolini, red pepper, feta cheese, served with fruit and bread on the side.  Delicious and filling!


Plus food prep for the upcoming week – lots of bars & balls!  I made balls with dates, cashews, craisins, almonds and coconut – they are sooo good.


All in all a pretty good week – around 12 hours total.  I felt good getting back to the routine and ramping things up.

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