TriMarni Triathlon Training Camp Day 4

Day 4 was a culmination of everything we had learned; an “almost” Olympic distance race was on the schedule! In all honesty, after 3 days of solid workouts, my body was exhausted, and I was not in the mindset to race at all. But everyone else was doing it so I couldn’t not do it 🙂 Plus Marni & Karel had said that this really was the day to “put everything together” and test ourselves – not a serious race so much, but one where we could push and have fun as well. That put my mind at ease a little.

I decided to try out wearing my cycling shorts the whole time (swimming included) to see how they worked.  Not my most matching outfit, but a good test run.


We warmed up in the pool for 5-10min, then started with a 30-min TT swim. I swam steady and at a somewhat easy/comfortable pace and completed 1500m in 30 minutes or so. So a 1:50/100yd pace, nothing speedy, but I didn’t feel that overwhelmed, apart from just being a little tired in general. As I swam I was lapped by my fellow camper Ryan 2-3 times, and as he passed, I couldn’t believe how much he was gliding through the water! Afterwards I asked him about it, and he said he was purposely gliding extra, but making sure he was pushing through at the end of his pull (which a lot of people, myself included, don’t do). Now I have that gliding image engrained in my head and am really working on the push!


We started off as a group and rode back out to Lake Minneola. So the first 20-30 min were on trails as a warm-up – no need to race and knock other fitness enthusiasts of the trail.  David parked on the lake and got some great pictures of our group.


Once we got past the lake there was an out and back section where we would do our race effort. We were off and a small group of us girls were in a pack. I was trying to gauge my energy level and was timid about breaking away at first – the other girls I was surrounded by were strong cyclists. Finally my road cyclist mentality kicked in and I went on ahead, wanting to see what I could do. I was pushing at a “somewhat uncomfortable, but I can keep going” pace, and using my new climbing techniques on the hills: sitting up when it made sense, standing to punch it up at the end of the hills, and hitting it (as Marni said) on the downhills and flats. At some point I heard someone cycling behind me and thought “who is catching me? I must not be pushing enough”. Of course, it was Karel, coming to take pictures! He later teased me on how I was being competitive and speeding up when I heard him.

I was feeling pretty amazing on this bike ride despite pushing above my power zones. I had my eye to catch Adrienne, one of the girls still in front of me. Finally, at the last part of the out and back section I caught up to her and we had a fun time passing back and forth; I practiced some legal drafting a few bike lengths off her wheel. Then it was back to the trail for a much needed breather!


{ So happy with my bike! }


{ pre-run pose }


All I had left to complete of the four-day camp was a 40-minute run. 20 out, 20 back. I got my Infinit Napalm nutrition gel flask, changed into my shoes and visor and was off. My legs were feeling a lot of fatigue at this point, but I knew I could keep a strong pace still. My Garmin acted up and changed to metric paces, so I was in min/km and not sure what pace I was going, but I calculated I was around an 8:20 min/mi pace.  Clermont’s hills were challenging me, but I took some quick stops to walk and stretch as needed.  I saw my team mates and we gave each other high fives and I was just loving how we were all telling each other how great we were doing!  Finally, the last big hill to the NTC was all that I had left to conquer, so I gave it a “race-end” push and made it to the finish, happy and strong! <– the theme of my weekend.

The camp ended too quickly!  We had a little time to play in the pool and say our good byes, then it was off to the airport for David and I.  While I was running David was my best-ever sherpa and packed up my bike (thank you babe!).


I was really sad to leave all these great people I felt like I was just getting to know!  I wanted a day or two more.  There’s always future camps and races Smile

2 thoughts on “TriMarni Triathlon Training Camp Day 4

  1. Sounds like an awesome camp, and Marni seems fantastic, too! That outdoor riding and sunshine looks heavenly compared to all our snow 🙂 Excited to follow your season, Brittany!

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