TriMarni Camp Day 3

I slept a LOT on Friday night of camp. I think 8-9 hours maybe?! Saturday was going to be a big training day, so I knew I needed it. We would do an interval bike + long run followed by swim later that afternoon. Later Marni noted that we did almost a half ironman this day – whew!

Interval Bike

I had a ton of fun on this bike ride.  My new Retul fit was feeling great and I was so happy to ride for two days in a row! For the three hour ride, I took 3 x bottles of nutrition with 1.5 scoops Infinit Speed formula, and I ate 1 gel before the ride since I was a little hungry starting out (with all the working out, a slight calorie deficit was starting to form).

DSC_0024 (2)

{ Sporting my very favorite Tattoo kit }

We rode out to the Lake Minneola area where we did some out and backs with intervals. After the warm up, a group of us girls paced with Marni and I got to ride her wheel for a bit – challenging and fun! She reminded us to conserve energy on the uphills and hit it at the top of the hill. Let me tell you – Marni is a workhorse on the bike and a talented hill climber. I know it wasn’t that hard for her, but it was still a nice challenge for me. I went a little over my normal power zones but this camp was intended to overload me a little.


{ SO much fun riding with these speedy ladies… can y’all move to Texas and ride with me all the time? }

  • Warm Up (~20-30 minutes with some leg opener fast-cadence spins)
  • MS1: (main set #1)
  • 4 x 5 min @ Z4 watts (or Olympic Tri pace) w/ 90 sec  EZ spin.
  • 5 – 10 min EZ spin recovery
  • MS2 (main set #2):
  • 8 min @ Z4 (Olympic Tri Pace) + 4 min @ low Z3 (1/2 Iron Pace) – keeping a steady cadence, trying to “recovery” while still pushing
  • 2 min EZ spin
  • 8 min @ Z4 (Olympic Tri Pace) + 4 min @ low Z3 (1/2 Iron Pace)
  • Rest of the ride is steady strong pace (ironman effort), EZ spin on neighborhood trails.

Long Run

After returning to the NTC I had a 1:20 run to do. Other campers that did not have a longer race coming up had a 1:00 run option; there were options for everyone Marni reminded us. The bike was hard on my legs, so it was challenging to mentally prepare for the run, but I’ve been compartmentalizing things lately which seems to help. Marni told us near the end of the bike it’s good to start mentally preparing for the run, not to dread it.

  • 20 min warm up, stop, stretch, walk
  • MS1: 3 x 5 min strong pace (~8:15 for me), then 5 min steady with walk breaks to correct form as needed (8:30+stretches)
  • 1-3 min walk/rest
  • MS2: 15 min steady pace (8:20 since I was feeling good)
  • 10-15 min cool down

Again, thank goodness for breaking this up. Marni was with us on the run and reminded me “just get to that next station and you’ll get a break” or “this is like the end of the ironman, keep it up”. I saw her running in front of me on the main sets and taking a couple stretch breaks here and there, practicing what she preaches. 

I actually started feeling pretty strong by the last 15 min steady pace interval, so I picked it up to keep it steady at an 8:20 pace. Wlad, one of my teammates, then passed me and said with his great accent “you are killing it, look at your pace!” – of course I love compliments and was so flattered that I had to keep up the strong pace.  Plus Krewella’s Killin’ It has been one of my theme songs on the trainer Smile I surprised myself with this run and finished feeling happy and strong. Not to mention there were frozen Zico coconut waters and PB cookies homemade by one of Marni’s athletes as a post-workout treat!


{ Hot Betty ladies }


{ Campers feeling it! }

It was close to 1:00 by this time, so we had a short break before getting back to the NTC for a swim from 3 – 4 PM. I ran home, ate a Chobani yogurt with some granola, fruit and a sweet potato on the side. This small meal sat pretty well in my tummy for the swim.

Swim (Long Course 50m Pool)

  • 10 min warm up
  • 4 x 100 Drill
  • 3x MS:
  • 200 steady
  • 2 x 50 build
  • 2 x 50 Fast-EZ
  • 50 c/d

Let me tell you, I was exhausted during this swim. I have not felt so weak on a swim in some time; but normally I don’t work out for 4.5 hours prior to swimming! My arms were just dead. Marni asked me how I felt and I grinned and had to tell her that I was a little tired! I know my fellow campers felt similarly – well, maybe the true swimmers were happy to be in the water, but I think the rest of us were struggling. 


{ Playing in the water }

Luckily pizza dinner was in sight! We were all going to an Italian place for dinner and I think we were all equally excited for the food. Over the past two days we had fueled well during our workouts – Marni is a big proponent of fueling properly – with the supplied Infinit Speed, Napalm, and Hammer Gels, but I know I was getting to the point of hunger as we had missed some normal meal times since our workouts were quite long.

David got in some “gnarly” kiting that day, then joined us for dinner (yay!) and we shared pizzas with lots of veggies, beers for some, and lots of memories. It was great to be surrounded by like-minded individuals who understand the trials and tribulations of triathlons, are also picky (or care) about their nutrition, and have such positive attitudes. I was inspired and happy to find “my people”! At dinner, Gary, one of Marni’s athletes who is 65 gave a brief talk, and all I can say is that I want to be like Gary when I am 65. It is one of my goals to be fit and happy, maybe with some silver–colored braids 🙂 And to enjoy the journey getting there of course.


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