TriMarni Camp Favorite Sponsors & Product Reviews

Hey y’all!  I was hoping for a few more posts this week, but training, time with friends and maybe a nap has gotten in the way 🙂  Not complaining!

I wanted to review a few of the products I really loved at TriMarni’s Endurance Camp. As noted earlier, we received some very generous swag bags and had nutrition provided throughout camp.  Everything below are products I’d definitely recommend and support.


Veronica’s Health Crunch – I LOVED this honey-coated amazingness.  It’s so good, I’m eating some as I write this!  And ingredients are very natural: nuts, cranberries, honey, seeds, almond oil, coconut and salt.  It’s local to Florida, but you can order online and I will most definitely be making some orders!


Infinit:  I can’t say enough good things about this product and how well it is fueling me during my Ironman training.  At camp we used the Infinit Speed formula on the bike (for me, 1.5 scoops per bottle and 1 bottle per hour).  For my own training, Marni has created me a custom Infinit mix that I will be using at Ironman Texas.  I like that it quenches my thirst, keeps me full and is so much easier than packing lots of food in my pockets.  I also tried their Napalm formula in a gel flask on my brick runs and really like the Orange Creamsicle flavor.  Again, zero tummy problems and kept me fueled.


Hammer: I used Hammer HEED and still do for long swims (1 scoop per bottle), but Hammer provided us with gels and whey protein.  I really liked their Espresso gels as a supplement for my nutrition.  I take a gel as needed either before a workout or sometimes near the end of the  bike when I can tell I’m still a bit hungry.  Apple cinnamon is my other favorite flavor.

Wasa CrackersI pretty much start most workouts with Wasa; pictured below is my long-ride pre-workout meal: wasa with nut butter, honey, a half banana, raisins, and cinnamon.  I love these things, they are perfect for pre-fueling and just a great vehicle for nut butter in general Smile  I normally eat the light rye variety, but at camp we got to try a couple different varieties (maybe multi or whole grain) which I also liked.


Zico: David & I looove coconut water – it’s a great way to hydrate, especially in the Texas heat.  Zico was kind enough to provide the campers with coconut waters throughout the camp.  It was the BEST thing to have a partially frozen coconut water to recover after a hot brick.  I only tried the regular flavor, but more than one friend has said their chocolate flavor is great too.  Mixed with chocolate protein powder, it’s an amazing recovery drink!


Kind Bars: I buy Kind bars in bulk already through vitacost; they are a big hit at our house.  Few ingredients, tasty, and healthy too.  I loved trying some new flavors at camp including my new favorite: Maple Glazed Pecan & Sea Salt – try it, you won’t be disappointed!

110% Play Harder: After talking to all the other campers with 110% gear, I really want to try 110% compression gear!  An order might be placed soon… For camp they provided us a nice head scarf that was good for the cold weather.

Chobani: Chobani Greek yogurt was provided at the pancake bar on day two.  In all honest, I’ve been a long-time Fage eater, BUT I was pleasantly surprised by Chobani.  It was creamy and sour, almost a little closer to a sour cream substitute than Fage might be.  I generally don’t like fruit mixed in already, but I really liked their plain version, and David liked their mango version (he got at Publix one night).


Oakley Women: I have been wanting a pair of Oakley glasses for a couple years now, and Marni was kind enough to let us try some of hers out!  I liked the Oakley Commit and Radar Lock and am headed to the Oakley store soon to hopefully purchase some glasses and sports bras (their swimsuits are my FAVE!)


Flapjack Protein Pancakes:  We got a sample pack of this pancake mix, and I tried it at home yesterday post-swim and enjoyed them for their simplicity (just add water!).  My favorite pancakes of all time are still my home-made cottage cheese protein pancakes, but these were great for a much quicker re-fuel.  Good texture and you don’t even notice the protein powder.


If you have any questions about the above product reviews, feel free to let me know!  Have you guys tried any of the above products?

5 thoughts on “TriMarni Camp Favorite Sponsors & Product Reviews

  1. Great post! I’ve been looking for some new products, thank you for the reviews! For the infinit speed, what size bottle did you use? Just wondering how many bottles I would have to carry on the bike?

    1. Thank you! I was just using regular cycling water bottles, I think around 24 oz. On my bike I bring 1 bottle per hour and *try* to finish 1 every hour or at least every 75 mins. The amounts will vary per person, but I think the Infinit website has more info!

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