TriMarni Training Camp Day 1

I’m back from an amazing 4-day TriMarni Triathlon Training Camp and can’t wait to tell you all about it!  As you know, Marni is coaching me and she and her husband Karel planned a triathlon camp in Clermont, FL.  At first I was hesitant being new to my job and taking a couple days off work early in the year (plus travel costs), but after some consideration and knowing that Karel would be able to provide me a Retul bike fit to help out with all my saddle/comfort issues and that the timing was really good for my ironman training, I was convinced.  David decided to join as well and try to get some kiting in on the Florida coast while I was swim-bike-running.

The week of training camp I had to be in New Orleans Sunday – Tuesday for work, return to Houston, then hop on a plane to Orlando on Wednesday after a day at the office.  To say packing was a little crazy is an understatement.  I won’t go into details, but as many of you know, packing and flying with a bike was very stressful.  Thanks to David we made it; I don’t know what I would have done without him staying up late and disassembling my bike the night before!  He is my biggest supporter.  Bike box + kite bag:


With all the commotion, I hardly had time to get nervous about camp, but I will admit that I had some nerves/concerns going in.  Will I be the slowest of the group?  Will people have to swim over me?  All the normal worries I might think up of course.  Little did I know I’d come home with such positive energy and such supportive teammates who will forever hold shared memories of a fun, challenging, and inspiring weekend.


{ Off we go! }

After falling asleep at 12:30 AM in our Clermont hotel, my 5:30 AM alarm woke me up abruptly – I had no idea where I was let alone what I was going to get into!  David dropped me off at the NTC around 6:00 AM; it was dark and rainy out otherwise it would have been in walking distance.  I wasn’t sure what to expect going in to this camp, but knew I was at the right place once I saw Marni and got a big hug and welcome. 

Marni & Karel did brief introductions and an overview of the day, then we all headed to the pool.  I was actually kind of happy for a pool workout, because nothing wakes you up like jumping into the water!  (workouts are also posted on Marni’s blog, but these are tailored to what I completed)


Workout #1: Swim, 6:30 AM – 7:30 AM

10 min warm-up
Pre set: 8 x 25’s – 10 strokes fast, rest of the pool EZ w/ 10 sec rest
Drill set w/ fins: 4 x 125’s – 25 right arm, 25 left arm, 25 6 beat kick w/ 1 stroke, 50 perfect stroke. W/ 20 sec rest  [ note: Right arm and left arm only drills are a great way to see imbalances or for others to look at your stroke]

Main set:
4 x 100’s @ 80% w/ 10 sec rest (w/ fins)
4 x 100’s @ 90% w/ 20 sec rest (w/ fins)
3 x 100’s @ 90% w/ 30 sec rest (no fins)

100 cool down


Marni actually thought my stroke was pretty good (I was surprised!), but encouraged me to really push through the back part of the pull (before your hand exits the water), as if I were splashing someone behind me on the deck.  I know I don’t do this well; my arms get tired so I think I just let my hands glide through instead of pushing all the way. 

We had originally been scheduled for a 2-hr leg-opener spin after the swim, but the weather wasn’t cooperating and it was rainy and cold out, so Marni switched it to an interval run.  Secretly inside I was happy to change to a shorter workout since I still felt fatigued from travel and lack of sleep. 


{ I think this photo sums up how cold I was! }

Workout #2: Hilly Interval Run, 8:30 – 9:45 AM

10 min warm-up run
10 min dynamic stretching and discussion of the purpose of the workout/main set as well as key pointers to remember).  We did forward lunges + hamstring stretches, backward lunges with same arm side stretches, knee hugs/chest openers, soldiers (touching toes), butt kicks & high knees, skipping forward and runs backward, and grapevines as dynamic warm ups.

Main set 3x’s:
(athletes were to focus on their lap pace, time and perceived effort)
4 min @ half marathon pace
1 min EZ walk
3 min @ slightly faster than half marathon pace
1 min EZ walk
2 min @ 10K pace
1 min walk
1 min all out
1 min walk, then repeat the main set 2 more times.
Cool down

I’ve been having a minor left quad issue since late last year: during cold weather my quad tightens up and is difficult to stretch and feels strained.  Unfortunately I wasn’t prepared for this “warm” Florida 40-degree weather, so I only had my running shorts with me, not running tights.  I could tell during the warm-up my quad wasn’t going to be happy with me since it was exposed to the cold weather!  It’s a minor strain that has been improving, but I suppose it makes sense that when your muscles aren’t completely warmed up they are tense and harder to use.  So, I held back on this run a little, knowing I didn’t want to make any compromises the first day of camp.

Later on during her presentations, Marni also noted that she highly encourages spandex for running to keep muscles together and not “jiggling” around; from her experience it’s better on the muscles.  As much as I’ve loved lightweight running shorts, I’m going to try to wear spandex more often to keep things compressed. 

Workout #3: 20 min. Stability Exercises, ~10:00

Marni and Karel set up some stations showing us some good hip and stability exercises we might use to support our running.  I’ve been doing hip drops and step-ups, but I also liked using the “wobble cushion” (yes, that is the name on amazon) for leg step ups.

After these 3 workouts, we had a brief break before meeting back at the NTC at 1 PM for lunch.  I had been fueling during the workouts but was getting hungry and at a Kind bar and some granola in between.

Lunch & Presentations, 1:00 – 5:00 PM

I was SO excited for Marni to provide us food.  I’ve been following her blog and instagram for what must be a couple years, and we are very like-minded when it comes to food – lots of flavor, plant-based, and lots of “yum-ing”.  Eating should be for fuel and also enjoyment!  Marni provided us a taco/burrito buffet with lots of options for everyone (vegetarian, gluten-free, vegan, etc.).


We were also provided very generous swag bags from some AMAZING sponsors and Marni.  You are going to hear lots more on these later, but I am loving Infinit Speed formula,Veronica’s Health Crunch, Hammer Expresso Gels, Kind bars, Zico coconut water, and as always wasa crackers!  I can’t wait to try a few of the other products provided, I’ll write more about the products as we go.


After presentations (which I’ll talk about in a separate post), Karel helped assemble my bike (an additional service he provides for the campers), then I met David for dinner.  Sadly, the coast wasn’t windy that day, so he was consoled by edamame, beer & sushi.  Can’t complain!


We were in bed early, resting up for Day 2!

7 thoughts on “TriMarni Training Camp Day 1

  1. You have a BLOG?! Oh my gosh, I love you even more! I can’t wait to follow this and now be able to be totally in this adventure with you!!!

  2. Hey Brittany! I love your blog! Am really enjoying it especially the post about the training camp! So fun to read right now as I am missing the tri-life quite a bit – baby is due in a few weeks! I hope I can get back to swimming with you and / or running a bit once we have our new routines figured out, but will definitely take time! Until then, I will enjoy reading your blog and it will remind me to try to come back as soon as we can! You’re going to do awesome at IMTX!!

    1. Nia, I am so flattered, thank you!! I would LOVE to meet up once you are settled and have a routine. Just let me know, I understand it will take some time!

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