Easy Meals during Ironman Training

Hey everyone!  How was your weekend?  After a pretty good stretch of training I had a little bit of an easier week this week – getting ready for some tough stuff soon.  Took a swim test and am averaging 1:37/100yd for a 1,000yd time trial, so pretty happy with that!  I told you last time swimming has been no joke, in a good way, so I wanted to give you a sample workout.  This was a tough one I did a couple weeks ago; it’s the longest I’ve done yet and I was pretty proud for finishing it:

~1hr swim + 45 min strength
Swim: 400 WU
5 x 100 drills (do different drill each 25’s of the 100) 30 – 45 sec rest in between.
HR set: 8 x 100’s (descend 1 – 4, 5- 8). Rest 30 – 45 sec in between.
Rest as needed.
MS: 3 x 200 (the middle one is fast) @ endurance pace w/ 20 – 30 sec rest in between.
1 min rest
3 x 400 (the middle one is fast/strong) @ endurance pace w/ 1 min rest in between.
CD: choice

Ok, onto food; I’m a morning worker-outer, and a lot of my weekday mornings are spent at the pool on the way to work, so breakfast is usually eaten at my desk.  I pre-pack oat containers with 1/2 c oats and lots of the following: chia seeds, ground flax seeds, nuts, berries, dried fruit, protein powder, and spices.  Then the night before I soak the oats in almond milk so they just need to be heated up in the microwave when I get to work.  On mornings when I get to cook at home, a veggie omelet or pancakes are the preference obviously 🙂


My favorite salad lately is arugula or mixed greens with some fruit (mango especially), cucumbers, pumpkin seeds and red quinoa and cottage cheese – yes this is also a Marni-inspired meal.  It’s really good drizzled with olive oil and Apple Cider Vinegar.


An awesome find lately is Near East couscous – this stuff cooks in only 5 minutes!!  I made the garlic & olive oil couscous with stir fried baby portabello, zucchini, collard greens and chickpeas.  Seasoned with Bragg’s seasoning (<—love this stuff!).  Super easy and delicious, and I’m really liking the texture of collard greens.


On the weekend after my long workouts, I normally have a cooked grain, veggies, and tempeh on hand (David isn’t a tempeh fan, so since we often do lunches at separate times, I get to eat my tempeh then).  It’s really easy to stir fry up the veggies and tempeh, then top with cashews, liquid aminos, seasonings, and nutritional yeast – hits the spot and refuels me quickly after a long ride!


Ok, I’m off to a business trip then to TriMarni Training Camp in Clermont, FL next weekend – cannot wait!!

2 thoughts on “Easy Meals during Ironman Training

  1. Thanks for sharing. I always like seeing what other triathletes are up to and what they are eating. I am going to mix in some of your ideas in my diet this week — always looking for a different twist. Great job on your training. Good luck!

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