Hey Y’all!  I’m still here, just a brief hiatus due to a very busy schedule!  There’s lots of exciting things going on in 2014 – but for now, here’s a recap of how January went down:

I started a new job!  Still with my same company, but now I’m back to an engineering role and I love it so far.  I didn’t realize what a big impact my job has on my mood.  I’ve been coming home so happy and with lots of energy lately; what a great change.  My office is in a new location, just outside of town, so my commute has increased, but it’s not bad and actually allows me to better schedule my time & workouts. 

Ironman Texas training is ramping up.  I started one-on-one coaching with TriMarni in December and have been nothing but impressed so far.  I can’t believe how much effort Marni & Karel put in; how they truly want their athletes to succeed and be happy.  Over December/early January I did a variation of their  5-week Winter Training Program and really enjoyed it – I think it would be a great off-season program if you want some base for February (if you don’t have early races).  I felt like I was making good gains, with a good focus on strength, core, form and nutrition. 

I’m still in some “base” training, but off-season is no more.  We are still using the “less is more”, but I assure you I am being challenged!  Intervals, intervals, intervals. 


{ lots of pool time lately! It stays open year-round }


{ David PR’ed in the Houston Half and I spectated for once }


{ Motivated to workout with some #sickgear }


{ yummy eats }

Ok – all for now.  I’ll be back soon with some more details on training & also some blog updates!

4 thoughts on “January

  1. Congrats on the new job!!! I just went through a similar situation where I completely turned by mood around by finding a better fit with my 9-5. So jealous of your pool. The weather is so cold here I don’t even want to swim indoors!

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