A Day in Buenos Aires

With just a day left in our South America adventure, we walked this city until our feet hurt.  We especially loved the early summer purple blooms and all the parks with people out and about.  Here are a few pics from the day:


{ The Rose Gardens – “Painting the Roses Red” }


{ Recoleta Cemetery & Surrounding area }


{ Beautiful purple blooms all over the city }


{ Random viewing of South American in-line skating Championships!! }


{ An AMAZING salad for lunch at Puerto Madero }


{ Busquebus shot for my cousin Megan!  We used this ferry to visit Uruguay in 2010 }


{ La Boca }


{ One of hundreds of produce shops }

I can’t leave without saying that there are fruit & veggie shops EVERYWHERE in this city!  I thought of Marni and how she would love this.  I loved that you could get your fresh produce on the go without going in a huge store.  Fruit is the best snack, I’d love to have fruit at arm’s length all the time!  At the end of the day we got a pear from the shop above and it was the best pear of my life.  Yes, just that amazing.  If only the US would catch on…

5 thoughts on “A Day in Buenos Aires

  1. Good morning! Would love to chat with you about giving you (and maybe a reader or two?) a free pass for the upcoming Houston Color Me Rad 5K! Please send me an email if you’re interested. Great photos and awesome blog.

  2. Hey Brittany, your El Chalten-TDP trip looked beautiful. Me and two friends are planning to do a similar trip! How much did you budget for it (not including airfare)?

    1. Hi lance- it was a very expensive vacation but that was partly by we had limited vacation days and had to be on a tight schedule so we used tour guide companies. I don’t know what the final amount was.

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