Packing for a Long Trip

Before I get started on the trip posts, my thoughts on packing: I hate packing, I really do.  It’s by far the worst part of the trip for me.  And a two week hiking trip to South America required some intense packing.  The day before we left, our house was in disarray with gear spread out everywhere.  We did pack a little too much, but I think we managed to get everything we needed in the end.  And most importantly, we stayed healthy throughout the whole trip!  Here are a few of the tips that worked for us: 

I’ll start with the most important travel essential, FOOD.  Airports often have limited choices so I like to have my own on hand:


{Left: assembling, Right:kale chips, cheerios/ trail mix snack pack, popcorn/pretzel/chocolate almond snack pack }

The final spread included some Nuun electrolyte tablets, breakfast for the following day of bananas, pre-mixed oatmeal with protein powder, nut butter, tea, and fruit leather.  Along with these items, I often buy fruit (bananas, apples), salads, and/or bottled water in airports, and my goal was to eat at least one piece of fruit and some vegetables daily, if offered.  I also took a Nuun tablet most travel days and whenever I felt dehydrated.


{This came in handy with multiple travel delays!!  All was consumed}

For this trip I purchased a Marmot day pack that folded up when not being used and would be great for day hiking; I used it as my carry-on and organized with other smaller bags handmade by my wonderful cousin Megan. 


Travel Essentials for the plane:

  • Sleep essentials bag: mask, ear plugs, Wisp mini toothbrush brush & compression socks, any medications
  • Folder for itinerary & documents
  • Small bag for cell/electronics/chargers/earphones
  • Plastic bag for small liquids (hand sanitizer, toiletries, hand lotion)
  • Snacks – shown above including Nuun electrolyte tablets & lemon ginger tea bags
  • Sweater and/or scarf
  • Podcasts (my Rich Roll podcasts were essential for flights/buses!!)


{David also had a lot of Freakanomics podcasts we enjoyed listening to together}


{We went through most of this tube of hand sanitizer!}

We had a lot to pack, so I had laid everything out, then organized with some packing cubes (similar here) and Tom’s shoe bags.  Most of this was hiking gear and layers.  Yes, I did bring a TP mini roller and cloth yoga mat, though I hardly had time for them.


I got a lot of crap from David for bringing my yoga towel, but I did use it for planks & some 20-min yoga downloads a few times during the trip.  Stretching feels amazing after a long day of hiking!


One last thing; we wish we’d have researched the currency! The US dollar is actually preferred and is accepted most places in Argentina & sometimes Chile; if you have the cash you’ll get a much more favorable exchange rate (aka the “Blue” dollar market).  It’s not really a black market as it’s often posted.  We wish we’d had cash!  

3 thoughts on “Packing for a Long Trip

  1. Great post Britt!
    I also like to travel with my yoga mat – not to mention my running and swimming gear.
    It doesn’t matter where I go, I must carry all that stuff with me at all times. It takes a lot of space but, honestly, who cares? I’d 😉

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