Oilman Pre-Race

Hey y’all!  Woo hoo – Half ironman #2 is complete and with a PR in all disciplines despite tougher-than-expected conditions!  I had a few minor mishaps, but I’m learning and still super excited about the result!

But first I’ll start at the weekend: on Friday after work David and I headed up to stay with my in-laws since they are only 30 minutes from the race start.  I figured it would make things easier, and I’d have some time to relax.  Friday I did a short swim just to get in the water and a short bike to test everything out.  That evening we ordered pizzas; I stole the idea of pizza dinner two days out from the race from Marni’s blog.  Who doesn’t like another excuse to eat pizza?!  I went veggie no cheese – I find that I enjoy pizza more without the cheese because my stomach doesn’t hurt from the grease.  I’d be happy if places would go “light” on the cheese, but that never happens. 

Anyway, on Saturday morning David wished me luck, said bye, and drove to the airport since he was going to SoCal for a bachelor party.  Figures that David would be off drinking beer in sunny CA while I was braving a cold weather tri, ha!  I waited for the sun to rise then completed my race “warm up” bike ride and run, and had a filling steel cut oats breakfast. 


Afterwards I took some time to stretch, read, relax, then eat a small snack of yogurt/granola before heading to the race athlete meeting at noon.  While it wasn’t mandatory, I thought it couldn’t hurt, and I also wanted to see the venue and walk around transition area since the swim exit was confusing on the map. 


{ Swim start in a small bay }


{ Swim exit in a field }

I’m glad I went to the meeting – I learned a few tidbits they hadn’t published in the race instructions, and I’m also glad I got a feel for the transition area and could see where my bike would be racked, where the port-a-potties were, etc. 

After returning home I had a light lunch, then pretty much rested and read the remainder of the day. I’m reading Scott Jurek’s book Eat Run right now, and he runs ultra’s all the time.  I figured if I was feeling really bad during the run I could always think “well at least I’m not running an ultra right now!” 😉  And for the record, an ultra running event is definitely not on my to do list.


{ Remembering that getting to the start line of a half IM is an accomplishment itself! }

I also reviewed my race plans, goals, key workouts and listened to this Arnie clip with my eyes closed visualizing my goals (as suggested on Marni’s FB page).  Inspiring!  I was feeling really good throughout the day and thinking of all my happy training memories; having great friends to train with has made this season and whole year lots of fun, and as I’ve mentioned before I loved my training plan!  I had a couple key mantras I kept repeating to myself (inspired by Marni & Gloria):

– Two POSITIVE thoughts for every ONE negative thought
– Race to the best of YOUR abilities for the given day – focus on yourself and YOUR race
– The best feeling is to know you’ve raced SMART
– The fitness is there, THANK YOUR BODY
– Be in the moment

While I didn’t have a finish “time” goal I knew I wanted to improve since my last race and stick with my strategy. 

Around 5 or 6 I made myself a pasta dinner; not too much since I didn’t want to stuff myself, and Mrs. Breaux and I watched a couple episodes of Amazing Race before I hit the sack.  Before bed, I applied my race tattoos, set all my gear and nutrition out & and changed my extra alarm for daylight savings time – basically got an extra hour of sleep.  I woke up a couple of times during the night to go to the bathroom (I’d hydrated well and drank Nuun tablets), but overall slept really well considering it was a race night.  Next up, the race!

4 thoughts on “Oilman Pre-Race

    1. Haha, being on mile 10 of the run in a half ironman seems much better (more doable) than being on mile 10 of a 100 mile run or something like that… you ultra people are amazing, but it’s just not something I can quite fathom 🙂

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