Race Week

Taper Taper Taper!!  Yikes, I have SO much energy right now without working out 2 hours per day, I don’t know what to do with myself.  Instead of my usual 8 hours of sleep I am waking up with 7 or less and feel like I’ve had an espresso.  I’m trying my best but I’m wired, and of course noticing every little niggle or ache.  I was happy to at least read this Runner’s World Article so that I know I’m not the only crazy one out there.

A lot of my stress comes from “Pressure to perform” as coined in the article.  Everyone keeps asking me what my time goal is – “C’mon Brittany, you must have a time goal?” – and if I don’t then they do a quick calculation and make a goal for me.  Ugh, I don’t want to be held to your standards, guys.  My goal is to race smart (as Marni has suggested, with a strategy in mind) and to race to the best of my ability for that day and handle any conditions that come up. 

I’m also a little worried about my quad; long story short, it has been tightening up during cold weather runs if it is not thoroughly warmed up.  But I got a great massage last night so I’m optimistic things will work out (Joli at Blossom Massage is AWESOME, especially for athlete massages).  I don’t know what will happen during my race, but I’m managing things the best I can this week.  I’ve had a good training season, what’s done is done and as my coach has reminded me “all the money is in the bank” in terms of fitness.

hard work

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I guess there are a lot worse problems to have than taper anxiety, right?  It seems silly once I’ve typed it all out, but I still have to make an effort to stay calm and remind myself of these things. 

On the food front I’m doing my best to stay fueled by some quality eats and lots of greens.  Clockwise from top left: Whole Foods hot bar with green garbanzo bean burger, simple lentil dal with ginger/turmeric, cinnamon and dark chocolate popcorn, superfood energy bars with cacao (prior to the dark chocolate layer being melted on top), Brussels sprouts tempeh stir fry, and black bean burger with millet over salad.


So my tummy has been very happy so far!  My workouts have decreased in time but still have a few fast efforts to keep me warmed up and ready to race.  Here’s a shot from the lake last weekend where I did an open water swim with my friend Jess and tested out my wetsuit.  We were the same speed so it was fun to swim together and draft off each other while we did loops around the lake.


And to be totally honest part of the reason I’m a ball of nerves is  my husband has been on a business trip, so there’s no one around to tell me I’m crazy and “things will be fine” – I can’t wait to get my support system back today!! He’s more grounded and can make me smile.


When I told David to stay hydrated during his travels, he didn’t mess around

4 thoughts on “Race Week

  1. Happy race week! Trust in the training… you are READY! Beautiful lake pic! Not gonna lie… I’m jealous! I never thought I’d say it, but I miss open water swimming!

    1. Thanks Erin, that’s what I needed to hear 🙂 The lake temp is only just now cool enough to feel good, and it’s almost November! I’m guessing it is opposite for you.

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