An Ode to Two Bro’s

Many years ago, two grown men attended an adult gymnastics class.  They happened to both be named David Michael, both from Louisiana, and were even born on the same day!   The two guys are David, my husband and David (aka Boudreaux) one of his best friends.  If you’ve been around, you’ve seen Boudreaux on this blog before, he is a friend to both of us and our families!  He recently married another great friend of ours, Mandy.  But before blogging about the wedding, here’s a little #tbt for Breaux & Boudreaux:

Best bro’s: Mardi Gras, Euro trip, ski trips, and beach trips


Boudreaux was our best man and an integral part of the Dance Off


Not too long after David and I started dating, Mandy and Boudreaux became an item as well; we were so happy when at the end of last year they got engaged! 


Oh and I’ll mention that these two are crazy – at the last minute in September, they decided to elope!  They sent us an email Tuesday that they were getting married Wednesday.  Of course we were not going to miss it for the world Smile  Next up, the wedding…

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