Pumpkin Carvings & Other Weekend Happenings

Good Morning!  Phew, this weekend was awesome and action packed.  It was my first weekend at home in over a month, and it’s finally getting cold (cool?) here in Texas so I’m loving the fall weather – fall is my favorite y’all πŸ™‚

But first, I have to give credit to Gloria (Dr. G) from Life with No Limits for her blog post/idea of countering any negative thoughts with a positive one.  It helped me so much in the 10 for Texas race and I plan to use it again!

On to the weekend recap: Saturday I opted not to do the long run and slept in while David went and ran 11 miles; my left quad was really tight when I ran on the Thursday prior, probably some soreness leftover from the 10 for Texas.  Instead I headed to the pool to participate in a swim-a-thon with some of my fellow IMTX-ers.  The four of us got in and swam for an hour. 


I haven’t swam for an hour straight in a really long time, so I wasn’t sure what I could get and was hoping for 3,000yd.  I ended up swimming 3,500yd in 1:04 (I had to round up to the nearest 500), and you know what, I loved it!  Who am I?!  I was feeling stronger the longer I went.  Plus, I’m doing flip turns now, so things feel very continuous, I really like it.  Something about swimming with other people doing the same workout in the lanes next to you really helps, even if they are lapping you multiple times. 

Directly after the swim I jetted home, got ready and headed to a Bridal Shower for my friend Mandy – she is married to my hubby’s best friend, Boudreaux and we are so excited for them! 


And after the Bridal Shower it was home to prepare for a Carve-Your-Own Pumpkin Party!!  This is a tradition we’ve started and really enjoy.  We provide the tools and tarp (it’s messy) and beer, and whoever brings a pumpkin can carve it. 


The competition is getting more intense each year πŸ™‚  This year, David carved Joffrey from Game of Thrones.  I have to admit, I had little faith when he told me what he was going to carve, but it came out really well!!  I’ll have to try his technique next time.  I just did the “Grim Creeper” whomp whomp.


Two Ghosts, the Texas Tech mascot, Grim Creeper, an evil pomegranate, Joffrey, Stewie, and initials


Yes, our neighbor carved an evil pomegranate (Pomy)

Sunday was my last long ride before Oilman, so I went and rode the course that morning.  It was cold out (45 degrees!  I’m Texan and can’t handle cold), and I was a little frustrated during the ride since my gears felt like molasses and there was some squeaking going on.  I took my bike to the shop that afternoon and the guys showed me that my chain was terribly dirty from riding in the rain the weekend before then greasing it.  I’m coming in on Friday to get a tutorial on how to properly clean the drive train and even take it all apart – I need it.  I’m hoping during the race it will feel much better than it did Sunday.  On the bright side, I ran right after my ride and my legs felt great, no more quad soreness, so I’m glad I rested. IMG_0031

All Betty-ed out; I wore this plus a jacket, ear warmers, gloves, leg warmers….

Now it’s taper week!  I’m having no problems tapering so far, pretty much enjoying it!!

6 thoughts on “Pumpkin Carvings & Other Weekend Happenings

  1. Ok, I recognize EVERYTHING in your blog. Dad’s Club (I used to swim with the tri group there, will start back next season) and Junior League (are you in it? I really enjoy it)!! Too funny. Good luck at Oilman!! If I’m still with child I will be spectating. Have fun!

    1. Haha – yes it was the Junior League, and I’m not in it, but my friend Claudia has some sort of membership and hosted the party there, it was really nice. I will look for you at Oilman in case you are there!!

    1. Hi Christy! Glad you found me and nice to meet you πŸ™‚ I see we’re doing a lot of the same races! I’m assuming your taper is for Oilman? If so I will see you there, and maybe IMTX?

  2. Your pool looks lovely! I haven’t swam an hour straight since IM Canada and need to get back in it. Crossing my fingers my name is next on the masters wait list πŸ™‚

    Pumpkin carving looks SO fun! And, hooray for taper week!

    1. Thanks – you deserve as long of a break as you want πŸ™‚ I’m pretty lucky I have that pool nearby. It is hard to jump into in the winter, but is always heated so not that bad. Too bad there is a wait list for you!

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