Ten for Texas 2013 Race Recap

Hello Everyone!  How was your week?

Sorry for my absence, but I was away from home this week for a work conference.  I was lucky that the conference was in the same town my in-laws live in, so I could stay with them for the week and get all my workouts in – and it is always a treat to stay with them!  Here is a shameless #selfie after a glorious 2000yd swim at an outdoor pool near their house, then heading to my conference.  Glasses hide goggle marks sometimes Smile

photo (10)

  { Southern Ladies: L’Oreal Elnett is an awesome hairspray that keeps hair soft despite humidity – no affiliation, I’m just loving this stuff }

Last weekend I had a “Training Camp” on my Half Ironman training plan, and as a girl that loves plans and workouts, I was really psyched!  Oh, and it also happened to by Kona weekend – perfect inspiration!  Basically 3 days of workouts, that luckily fell on a 3-day weekend for me.  I happened to have also signed up for a ten mile race that weekend, and Coach Marni thought the extra stress of a race would be a good thing for the weekend.  You wouldn’t think from the picture below, but I crushed it and PR’ed at 10 miles in 1:23 hrs and an 8:23 min/mi pace.  This training is paying off!


“The couple that power walks together”

On Friday that weekend I did some swimming, biking, and running (3+ hours of biking), then on Saturday it was time for the 10 mile race.  I did a 45 minute spin on the trainer then a 2.5 mile warm up so that I could keep with my training plan.  My legs were rather sore while warming up for the race, and I could not wrap my head around how I’d be able to finish 3 miles, let alone 10 miles.  David was in the same boat, and his stomach was off too, so right before we started, he told me, “I’m going to run with you“.  My immediate thought was “hmmph, this is going to be good”.  For the record, most times we run together I end up hyperventilating or crying.  Surprisingly, I kept my mouth shut and this turned out to be one of my best races yet!  Here’s what helped me through:

For any negative thoughts that floated through my mind, I’d counter with a positive thought.   “This feels so hard!”  —>  “Look around, you are getting to do what you love”, “I’m so slow compared to David [who is running next to me]”  —> “My legs are powerful and I kill it during squats at body pump, I can keep going”

I didn’t go by my Garmin heart rate or pace (too much).  We started out fast, and I knew it was a little faster than I normally go (<8:20 min/mi).  I just ignored my watch and went by feel, asking myself, “is this comfortable enough and can I sustain this for a good amount of time?”  It wasn’t comfortable at the end, but I knew I could do it. 

I played of off David’s pace and energy. Running with someone can be hugely beneficial.  I’m not sure if it’s just knowing they are going through the same thing, but it can pull you through.  Around mile 7, David said, “I can’t believe you are still going, you’re pulling  me through this.  I would have quit at mile 3, but I knew you did the exact same workouts as me yesterday, so I couldn’t stop”.  Funny thing is, I thought he was pulling me along. 


So I’m pretty excited about the pace of this race, especially considering how miserably hot and humid it was.  The only bad thing is that I may have pushed it just a little too hard since my left quad is now really tight.  I’m switching my long run to a long swim this weekend, just to be safe.  Now just a couple weeks to taper and bottle up this energy before my half ironman!  Have a great weekend y’all.

photo (11)

Post-run puzzle + Kona watching.  Marni killed it in Kona with a 10:37 PR – proud of my coach! 

6 thoughts on “Ten for Texas 2013 Race Recap

  1. Wow, you really kicked butt in that run! Great to see ya posting again – I liked that you shared how you countered negative thoughts with a positive one. I think that really helps!!!

  2. Rockin’ time! Congrats on your PR! Ten miles is one of my favorite distances. Also, love your tips to get through the race (or any race!)! Wearing a garmin is super helpful, but it’s so important to be in tune with your body!

    1. Yes, a run would be fun – though I’m in taper over the next two weeks and my runs are short; I’m mainly just biking/swimming. I think I have a 30min run this weekend sometime…

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