Kona Countdown

Not a countdown for me – I wish, but Kona will likely not be an option unless I’m 70!  But I am counting down to watch Coach Marni and all the other amazing athletes & pro triathletes that are competing on the Big Island.  I didn’t understand the hype about Kona until I went to the Big Island with David & my parents in January.  The place is magical, and I fully get the allure now.  The island is so beautiful yet so harsh and unforgiving at the same time.  From a nature & science point of view, the island has an amazing amount of diversity and isn’t all that touristy.  And I haven’t even mentioned the food – macadamia nuts, papaya, sweet potatoes, kale, goat cheese, Kona brews – this girl was in heaven!

In honor of the Kona Ironman Championships, I wanted to do a post on my Big Island favorites.  If you find yourself on the Big Island and happen to have time to do things other than swim-bike-run, these are my top 5 things to do:

1) Visit Volcanoes National Park – Do the Lava Tubes & Kilauea Iki Crater Hike & checkout the steam vents and craters at night.  Eat at Café Ono for lunch and Thai Restaurant for dinner


2) If Lava is flowing, take a sunrise lava hike


3) Visit the Hilo Botanical Gardens, a must-see on the East side of the island!


4) In Kona, run on Ali’i Drive, eat at Island Lava Java (lots of local veggies & fruits – I could eat there daily!), and dip your toes in the water at Dig Me beach


5) Visit Ocean Rider Sea Horse Farm (a bit expensive, but so memorable!)


Doesn’t this make you want to be on an island too?  I do miss Hawaii! 

Anyone else psyched to watch the Kona Ironman Championships this weekend?!  I have 3 BIG workouts to do Friday, Saturday and Sunday, so I’ll be so happy to be spending Saturday afternoon plopped on the couch watching the event.  This is the only sporting event (other than the occasional Tour de France viewing) that I watch all year – yay for getting to watch triathlon at its best!!

5 thoughts on “Kona Countdown

  1. My heart belongs in Kona. I could ramble on and on about the place. Natasha and I met there in 2001 (we were both living there for a while before we met), and the last time we went back was in 2011. I’d move back in a heartbeat.

  2. How cool! You ought to write about it sometime (if you haven’t already). I’d move there in a heartbeat as well!! Or to any of the Hawaiian islands for that matter; since my family is on Oahu Hawaii is a special place for me too.

  3. I’m having serious FOMO this weekend! So wish I were in Kona cheering on all my friends (and… racing… someday 🙂 ).

    Thanks for the recommendations! Bookmarking, as we’re debating the 70.3 there in May!

    1. I know – I am loving all the coverage & following all the athletes, but it would be so cool to be there right now!! It’s a really amazing island if you do get to go!

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