Dallas Weekend Recap & Balance

We were in Dallas last weekend to visit my husband’s sister & brother-in-law and I had some BIG workouts to do on my TriMarni training plan.  I told my hubby that I really wanted to go, but asked if it was okay that I still did my workouts and spent time with everyone afterwards and he was fine with it.  I don’t love the idea of visiting family and working out part of the time, but in this situation with me being in heavier “build” weeks only a month out from my half ironman, I felt pretty good that we were able to work it out & balance both.

Friday – Before leaving town I met my swim coach for a TOUGH 3000yd swim.  My coach is a former collegiate swimmer, so we did the same workout but at different intervals.  I thought this would be “endurance” focused, but this was an all-out hammerfest for an hour.  I came home and felt like I’d biked 70 miles; I just laid on the floor and moped for quite some time.  Then we quickly packed and drove to Dallas and met Laura at her office.  She’s also an engineer and showed us some of her work; I was really impressed!  She’s doing a lot of hands-on circuit board design, pretty cool.  After the grand tour of her office, we joined her & Bryan for dinner at their favorite Italian place.  Our waiter was hilarious and dubbed us as “VIPs” and kept trying to “crank it up” with the wine.


{ Representing Team Betty on my long run! }

Saturday – I got up early to bike near the Dallas airport before driving to Oak Grove Park on the south shore of Lake Grapevine and running 1.5 hours (mainly on this trail).  This run was hilly & the workout was tough but I loved it!  At the same time, the rest of the family got up a little later, enjoyed breakfast then went mountain biking on the north shore of the lake. 


{ Laura, Bryan & David mountain biking Lake Grapevine }

David really liked the North Shore trail and recommended it as a good intermediate trail (a fast single track with great views but not too technical).  I drove around and met them afterwards.  The rest of the afternoon was pretty lazy with some movie watching, eating fresh homemade pita bread & Greek salad, and a walk with their dog around the nearby Arbor Hills Nature Preserve.  I’m kind of jealous of all the nice Dallas-area parks.


Sunday – Another early wake-up for me where I snuck away and met Jason from Cook Train Eat Race for a long bike ride.  If you don’t follow his blog or instagram you should, he started #endurancefoodies has some delicious creations!  I had emailed Jason about riding routes in Dallas and he was kind enough to let me tag along since he was riding 65 miles that weekend anyway.  It’s great to meet blog friends in “real life”, and it was much more fun and safer than riding solo.  The weather was great and the ride was gorgeous!  Dallas – you guys have some great riding up there!!  After the ride I met David at Andy Brown Park East where I was parked; he had already run 6 miles, and then joined me for my run (brick) afterwards.  I felt like a rockstar after completing these weekend workouts! 


{ My new, lighter pre-training fave: Wasa crackers with 1/2 banana, honey, nut butter, trail mix & cinnamon.  Easy for travel too. }

We drove back to the house to make homemade pizza (YUM) with Laura & Bryan then were off to the Dallas Aquarium.  This aquarium was great, and not only had sea life but also a ton of birds, reptiles, and even mammals!  It was basically a small zoo.  David commented that he couldn’t believe how much my endurance had improved that I was able to stay present and enjoy the aquarium (versus just crashing on the couch which might have been the norm a few months earlier). 


So, yes, the weekend was a little whirlwind but a ton of fun; I was pretty happy to fit everything in, considering it included travel time and working out in a new area.   I’m on week 8 of my 12 week training plan and almost getting a little sad it will be over soon.  Have a good one!

7 thoughts on “Dallas Weekend Recap & Balance

  1. Sounds like a good weekend! Arbor Hills is close to where we live, and last year I was running with a group that met there weekly for some early morning trail running. It’s been awhile since I’ve gotten out there, but Arbor Hills has some decent dirt running trails for being sandwiched in the middle of the city (and early in the morning it isn’t crowded like on most weekends).

    1. It’s beautiful! If you are near there, you should totally check out Lake Grapevine for open water swimming too – Jason said triathletes meet there some mornings, looks like an awesome lake to swim in! And you could totally do a run brick after 🙂

      1. I haven’t been over to Lake Grapevine yet, I didn’t realize that it was a good swimming lake (although I know that a lot of people mountain bike/trail run there). We live about 1/2 mile from Lake Lewisville, and there are a couple of tri groups/teams that meet there for OWS and bricks. I thought about joining a group this past year, but never got around to it. I probably will next year though. Seems ridiculous to not take advantage of the opportunity – particularly since my swimming needs so much help!

    2. Jesse – Arbor Hills is a gorgeous park to run in. I used to live in Castle Hills just around the corner from there but moved back in July to 121 and MacArthur not that Arbor Hills is that far away. If you are running or riding let me know and maybe our schedules will converge so we can do some together.

      Brittany – Thank you kindly for your company this past weekend. 65 miles is not a bad workout but doing it solo can be a bit boring. Having company sure made the 3.5 hours fly by. Next time you are up to meet family definitely let me know and we can do some more riding.

  2. Your pre-training snack looks awesome! Totally gonna make that before my next long(er) workout! Sounds like a fantastic weekend of swimbikerunning! We’re planning a long weekend in Texas in December to visit family… excited to check out some of the trails!

  3. Thanks Erin! My coach wanted me to try more energy dense foods pre-workout, so there’s less volume in my stomach starting the workout. It makes sense and works pretty well! Yummy too 🙂 Hope you have a great time on your visit – let me know if you have any questions or need ideas where to run!

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