New Things

Hey y’all – just a little update at the end of my recovery week.  Of course, recovery didn’t mean sitting on my butt all week.  Despite the storms in Houston, I got in some quality swims, [trainer] bikes and runs. 


{ likely listening to my Krewella/dubstep station on Pandora! }

I had an awesome 9 mile run with my running group this morning; light rain made it nice and cool out, and I came home and made cinnamon-spiced pancakes – FALL is here!  During the run I ate this new Gu; talk about yum!  Is it weird that I can get this excited for new sports gel flavors, or does it just mean I’m an athlete?


My friends over at WaterBloggedTriathlete (who are a great resource for all things swimming) sent me a copy of their new instructional swim book for triathletes – very excited for them!  I submitted a workout and it is published – probably the only thing I’ll ever be published in Smile  I’m learning some new drills from the book. 


Randomly, I picked up Kefir for the first time.  This stuff is great!  Kefir is a fermented milk drink, which has probiotics and is said to strengthen the immune system and improve digestion (see here).  I like the sour flavor of the unsweetened version and it’s a nice option for dairy that is pretty smooth on the stomach.   I like it with cereal or granola, or just as a drink with breakfast.


Ok, that’s all the new things I have for now.  Looking forward to some build weeks up ahead and quite a few family visits next month!

8 thoughts on “New Things

  1. Congrats on completing workouts during a rainy week! I also live in Houston and my workouts slacked big time this week. I just started training for my first sprint tri and I saw that the swim book also has a kindle edition. I may have to purchase that for training.

    1. Thanks! Yeah, it was a little rainy last week, but I’m kind of loving the cooler weather it brought! I’m not sure of you level, but the swims in the book are shorter and drill-focused. I’m getting some ideas from the drills that I can use in my longer workouts.

  2. I was so happy to see temperatures in the 60s in the morning this weekend! A welcome change of pace, at least in my mind.
    I’ll have to look for your workout in the book! I bought the kindle version (since I don’t read much outside of airplanes), but I haven’t started in on it yet.

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