Adventure & Antioxidants

Hey y’all – just a little update on life and such.  My lovely cousin, Megan, just posted a quote that she read when she was a 10-year old on a post card and lives by it (yes she was a very smart kid and is still a very smart woman!).  I love this: 


Looking forward to traveling with David to Patagonia in November – a perfect break at the end of triathlon season. 

Another thing I’m loving lately is my training plan.  Having a good training plan and coach is by far one of the best decisions I’ve made lately!  I feel that I’ve been training smart and prioritizing my time really well.  I really look forward to my rest day each week, and the workouts are tough, but condensed into nice “packages” so that I don’t have too many overwhelming 2-a-days yet.  I’m waking up every morning excited for what training lies ahead.  And this week is an active recovery week that I am taking full advantage of.  I used to worry that I’d loose fitness if I took it easy, but now I realize that recovery is a key element in training in order to see improvement. 


Lastly, of course, a quick update on food: Cooking at the Breaux household has been super flavorful lately – I watched this video on antioxidants and showed it to David as well, and we have been fully utilizing the spice cabinet ever since!  Why not reduce protect our bodies, reduce risk for disease and make our food more delicious all at the same time?!  Extra cinnamon and a pinch of cloves is now being added to my smoothies, oatmeal, or toast.  Here are a few more delicious meals from the past couple of weeks:


{ Black bean-rice mix with cumin, celery salt and cayenne with butternut squash – used in burritos with cilantro & avocado }


{ Salmon with bok choy, peppers, and baby broccoli – fresh ginger, sesame seeds, and soy sauce }


{ Recovery meal kale-scrambled eggs with tomatoes, fresh basil and dried oregano }

That’s all, enjoy your Monday (especially if it is a recovery day like mine!).

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