Work Talk & Change

I don’t talk about work on this blog much since it’s not the focus, but I do feel that what you do impacts your health & happiness – if you don’t feel you are adding value with what you do, it can be frustrating, and even depressing at times.  My role at work is a “Decision Analyst” doing economic analysis for midstream projects.  I’m an engineer by background, but my current position allowed me to do some cross-functional work and learn a new area of expertise.  I’ve had some very cool, very big projects at times, but as an analyst, I’m more of a contributor than a leader. 


It’s more of a desk job, and sometimes a lot of solo work, and at this point I’ve been in the position for too long so things feel a little stagnant.  In my old role, as a Construction Manager/Facilities Engineer, I felt like I would continue to do the work even if they didn’t pay me!  I can’t say I feel the same about the job I’m in.  Don’t get me wrong – my company has been more than good to me – otherwise David would not have moved to the same company!  But I haven’t made a change, maybe because I’m scared of what change will bring.  It’s easy to stay the same path sometimes, and I’m very guilty of doing so.

Pictures from a previous job life (no, I don’t really weld, but they did let me drive the backhoe every so often).  Loved this job, but it did come with a lot of travel and high stress levels.

IMG_0024 - CopyIMG_0037IMG_0147IMG_0144Britt Welding

As a generality, within my company most people change positions every 2-4 years, so I’m finally making that leap and embracing change.  I’m both excited and scared; I know a new job will come with new more challenges, a much higher level of stress, and likely more travel.  But I’m okay with that, as long as I’m doing something I enjoy.  So over the past month, I’ve made an effort to network, visit old colleagues/mentors and find out about the engineer positions available to me in Houston (David and I want to stay in Houston for the next couple of years since he is very new in his role).  This week I had to submit a list of 6 jobs I’d like to do including why I’m qualified for them.  It’s stressful to make choices that will impact your next few years as well as “putting yourself out there”.   But I feel really good that I’m making the effort and think this will be a change in the right direction.  It also opens up some doors for David and I; with risk comes opportunity and uncertainty in our future, which is kind of fun.  We don’t know where the future will take us.

Okay, enough there, on to athletics – this week’s activity included a big recovery day after TriRock; I knew I needed to recover well to get back to my half ironman training plan without any aches/pains.  Here are a few of the things I focused on: 

  • Sleeping more the night after the race. This is an awesome tip from TriMarni. David and I couldn’t quite go without an alarm considering we had work Tuesday, but we opted to go to bed very early and set the alarm as late as possible.  We got 9+ much needed hours of sleep!
  • <Tried> to eat a quality, plant-strong diet post-race and the days following, not allowing myself to get hungry.
  • Had my first massage this year – my legs were much appreciative after such a hilly course in Austin! 
  • Really use my sit/stand desk at work this week to stay active and moving plus foam rolling

By Wednesday, I was able to get back into the swing of things.  I’m really loving the rhythm and variety of my training plan – it’s much easier to stay mentally focused on quality workouts and I don’t feel overwhelmed. Here’s to a great weekend & lots of challenges ahead! 

6 thoughts on “Work Talk & Change

  1. Best of luck with the new gig! Are you in Houston? I think I’ve done work with your company as a consultant 🙂

    I used to have a standing desk… it was the best thing ever! Enjoy your weekend!

    1. Thank you – yes, I’m in Houston, where are you based? I agree – standing desks are the best ever, especially for athletes 🙂 Hope you had a great weekend too!

      1. I’m in Minneapolis, but worked primarily on a project in Michigan (including with a government affairs guy from Houston). Small world if it’s the same 🙂

        Weekend was great, thanks! Cheering at IMWI all day!

  2. Hey lady, congrats on taking a leap and going after something more challenging.

    On another note, Designer Whey has some protein powder they would like to send you =) I just need your address, you can email me at bethcn at (or I can give you the direct contact if that is weird) so they can send it to you.

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