Hair Care While Swimming

Glad some of you could relate to my last post on the mental nature of swimming and sports in general!  I got some of the inspiration from a Rich Roll podcast with Garrett Weber-Gale; Rich Roll has some podcast interviews with athletes that I’ve enjoyed.  I’m listening to Rich Roll Podcast #14 with swimmer Byron Davis now, and I really like his perspective on life & sports.


Since I’ve been in the pool so much, I was recently asked what I do to combat the chlorine for hair & skin.  I have a few tips/tricks I swear by to keep my hair soft and not completely damaged while swimming 2-4 times per week.


Pre-Swim: This is my #1 tip: Always, always wet hair before you get in, and put in a leave-in conditioner (1).  I use Paul Mitchell just because I have this huge tub.  With the conditioner, make sure to put the leave in all over (top of head too where hears break from swim cap).   I noticed my hair is much softer when I wet it & apply conditioner before swimming.

During Swim: I highly recommend getting a silicone swim cap (2).  It slides much better and doesn’t break hair like the free ones you get for tri’s.  I get a long-hair speedo one so there’s lots of room for my hair without any pulling.

Post-Swim: Wash hair immediately after you’re done.  I take a quick shower and love TriSwim products (3) – I purchase their shampoo, conditioner, and body wash online.  I then use a wide-tooth comb (4) to brush my wet hair, and then apply some type of (Argan/Moroccan) oil (5) to my damp hair.  I really like Moroccan Oil light right now, and I also keep a smaller travel-size  Argan oil in my gym bag (I received it as a gift and it’s perfect for when I shower at the gym).

Skincare: I wish I had some better tips here, but one thing I do is apply lotion directly after showering to your skin (Cerave).  I wish I had a tip to stop the chlorine smell.  My husband is not a huge fan of my new-found smell.

Anybody else have any tips?

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