Racing & Running Form

Good morning y’all – I am always so psyched for the weekend, it means play time Smile

I didn’t mention that David also raced at Bridgeland in my race report last week because he wasn’t too happy with his times and was pretty down on himself.  David actually did very well and got 33/111 in his 30-34 AG, with a 2:09 min/100m swim pace, 22.5 mph bike and 7:30 min/mi run.  He did really well despite a tough workload at his new job and not much training lately.  I tried to explain that he shouldn’t be upset, given his extremely competitive tri-geek age group.


David got this way cool race photo that was selected as one of the showcase ones for the race’s FB site.  I’m so jealous!  I got no bike pictures; maybe I was going too fast?

For a lot of the guys in 30+ age groups, triathlon is their life.  For David, he has a multitude of other hobbies – kitesurfing, inventing, rock climbing – so he shouldn’t feel bad that guys who train 12-18 hours a week are ahead of him.  Furthermore, David has a road bike poorly fitted into a tri bike – I think he could sell the road bike since he truly isn’t happy with it and get something he likes, rather than struggle with something that doesn’t work for him.  Anyway, I’m so very proud of him and think he’s doing great.  Not many people I know are naturally talented like he is, now I just have to get him to think that too. 


BL2013_bikesf003525  151

Oh yeah, and I am super jealous of his running form.  He is like a gazelle.  And me… Am I not built to run or what?  My right foot is just janky.

BL2013_bb005479  151BL2013_BRun000049 BL_2013_Run_B_890_a

These pictures pain me, but I’m going to show them anyway.  Um, could I be a little more slouched?!

BL2013_BRun000050 BL_2013_Run_B_890_bBL2013_clrun000631 890BL2013_BRun000053 BL_2013_Run_B_890_e

Obviously my running form needs some work.  I watched some youtube videos and learned I need to slide my shoulders back so that my arms are moving forward and keeping my momentum going in the forward plane, instead of moving my body in the traverse plane (by slouching and crossing over).  I noticed that when I do this my core & obliques are more engaged and I’m holding my body upright better. 

Has anyone else tried to change their running form and succeed (for the better)?

4 thoughts on “Racing & Running Form

  1. That’s a great race photo of David. Averaging 22.5mph on a road bike turned tri bike is nothing to be ashamed of. Nor is finishing in the top third.

    I was able to change from a heel strike to a (most of the time) midfoot strike. My right foot still swings out to the side quite a bit though. It looks pretty funny.

  2. If you want to look at some great resources on running form, my run coach James Dunne does a running workout of the day series, plus some other downloadable resources. He has literally worked miracles with me, coming from a neurological condition which gave me horrid biomechanics, I kind of look normal now when I run!

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