First Week of Half Ironman Training

This week is a special week because it’s the very first week of my Half Ironman 12-week training program for Oilman, a local half ironman in November in Montgomery, TX.  Plus it seems somewhat appropriate given my industry!


It’s also fitting that I start training this week since it’s back-to-school week here in Texas.  I’m all about fresh beginnings!   This feels so different and I’m much more confident (and laid back) than the last time I started a Half Ironman program.  I was a bundle of nerves!  Goals?  I’m doing this half ironman mainly to prepare for IMTX and get everything dialed in (bike, nutrition, swim form, etc.), but I of course will strive to improve my times from last year’s half distance.  You bet this will still be a race!

I’m very excited this time to be on a “real” (not free-from-the-internet) training program this time.  I mentioned earlier I’ll be coached by Marni Sumbal, and right now I’m going to use her pre-built half ironman training plan, then we’ll start one-on-one coaching for IMTX later this winter.  She is training for Kona herself in October and will share her journey via her blog – great inspiration!  She’s already gone above and beyond what I’d expect of a regular pre-built plan and has been very responsive.  And her husband has a cycling background and is knowledgeable on any bike questions (he’s helping me with a power meter – yes, I’m getting a very expensive toy!!).  I can already see the journey is going to be a great experience.

As far as what I’ve been up to lately – I had a spectacular weekend, including a run, bike and lots of time resting.  I don’t know where most of the time went, but I got in a good group run on Saturday, and then I joined my friend Alex for “Ghetto Ride” on Sunday and we did 50 miles in 2:45, followed by a 15 minute run OTB.  It’s a city ride from my doorstep, so that time included a number of stops at lights as well as one <unplanned> trek across a closed road & walking over a newly graveled railroad; not shabby. 


Nearly fifty miles that fast all before 9 AM, I’ll take it!  I actually just realized that I was on the bike for almost 3 hours and never even thought about needing to take a rest stop or get off – my endurance is improving!   Now I just need to get used to all the bricks I have coming up in my future – there’s going to be a lot. 

That’s it – Happy Wednesday Y’all!

2 thoughts on “First Week of Half Ironman Training

  1. Ahh, Oilman is my fav 70.3! I wish I could do it again this year. I am doing IMTX again next year too!! Maybe we can go on a training ride together sometime. Galveston 70.3 will have to be in my warmup plan. Good luck and enjoy!

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