Vitamix Tips & Tricks

I recently had my Vitamix serviced (a little over a week without smoothies in August in Houston – killer!), because it wasn’t blending like usual and making a high-pitched shriek.  The guys at Vitamix took it in right away, and though they couldn’t find anything significantly wrong, they consider the customer to know how it should blend, so they replaced the blades & motor under warranty.   What a great company!

While on the phone with a service rep, he gave me some really great tips – had I followed these, I may not have had the issues.  Starting from blades upwards, they recommend loading foods in this order:

  • Liquids
  • Yogurt
  • Soft fruits & vegetables
  • Harder fruits & vegetables (try to chop carrots, apples, etc. if possible)
  • Frozen fruits
  • Greens
  • Ice
  • Protein powder & other powders

Preferably, the rep said you should wait to add the protein powder until after you’re done with an initial blend, then blend for 15 more seconds.  Previously I’d been loading the powder with the liquid, which can cause air pockets near the blades.  Good to know!

When you blend, use the tamper to push everything down while blending.  Bring from level 1-10 in 5-10 seconds (if you have a model with those knobs), then flip to “high variable” since the Vitamix is most efficient here.


{ happy to have green smoothies return to my life! }

Another fun tip they gave me was to take extra smoothie & freeze it in ice cube trays.  Use this instead of ice cubes on your next smoothies to make it less watery.

Happy Blending!

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