Challenging Swim Sets Round-Up

Hey y’all!  Things are going by quickly.  I have to admit, I did a little too much this week and am feeling tired, cranky, etc. going into a sprint triathlon this weekend.  Well, at least it’s only a sprint!

I’m still perplexed by my up and down swim times; I think it just has to do with how tired I am or how hard the practice was {I realize not everyone cares about my swim times, but I leave them in for my own reference!}:

  • 200m at 3:38 (1:49/100m)
  • 12 mins for time for 750m (1:36/100m with drafting before I passed someone!) 
  • 400m at 7:38 (1:54/100m)

This Monday we did a good interval swim set, and I got to thinking that I better write some of my favorite longer sets down; these are arm burners:


Like I said earlier, I’m pretty beat, so I’m going to go rest up for a few days before the triathlon.  Have a great Friday everyone!

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