Lower Body Strength & Balance Circuit

Phew, this week went by quickly!  Between all the workouts, a rock climbing session and a meeting with a realtor the time just flew.  I was missing my regular lunchtime Body Pump sessions because of work commitments this week, so my friend Amanda met me at the gym for 30 minutes of lower body strength.  Amanda is good at finding or creating fun circuit workouts, and she didn’t disappoint – it’s been two days and my rear & hamstrings are still sore!  The workout we did is great for balance and hip strength as there are quite a few one-legged efforts:


I had never done a Romanian Deadlift, but it is basically a one-legged deadlift where the other leg extends out back (think yoga warrior 3 pose), and once you are in a “T” position, you do a row.  This was killer on my hamstrings and hips! 

I’m off to a yoga workshop for athletes today; I’m excited to learn a few new things specific to athletes and maybe some more core moves.  My swim coach mentioned flexibility is key for swimmers, maybe even more so than strength, so I’m going to add some more stretching to my routine. 



Honestly, when I get busy, yoga & stretching are the first things to go, but I’d like to consider getting in at least one yoga session per week and remembering to do more short, post-workout stretching.

That’s it, have a great weekend y’all!

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