Keeping Your Home Safe

I originally wanted to add some “highlights” from this week, but instead we had an upset; we had a break-in at the apartment.  The intruder kicked in the door at 4 PM on a weekday.  We have a motion-sensor camera that sends an email if there is motion in the room, and we received an image of a person in our house, but we didn’t see the notification until an hour after it happened, so at that point it was too late.  David and I consider ourselves fairly minimalist and don’t have too much at the apartment that can’t be replaced, but were still very upset and felt violated after the incident. 

Luckily, the thief was only looking for Apple products & guns – I’d have been REALLY ticked if my bikes were gone, but those are too big and hard to re-sell.  He stole my iPad, our Apple chargers and $25 cash I had in a ziploc bag that was set out for a bike ride.  I was pretty annoyed he stole our $20 chargers – WTF?! 

We had a number of athletic gadgets (Garmin 910xt, new bike pedals, etc.) near our desks that were <luckily> not taken.  He tore through David’s closet as well as underneath our bed, but didn’t take any of it, because most of it is camping & sports equipment, so he was probably disappointed.  He also looked through our media console but didn’t take any of the games; I can’t imagine why he didn’t want an old school Nintendo?? 

A couple tips if you aren’t doing already:

  • Lock your phones/iPads/etc. with a passcode.  I should have done this right when I got the iPad but didn’t, and now I feel pretty dumb for not doing it!  I immediately changed all my passwords once it was stolen.
  • If you have guns, don’t hide them in the closet or under the bed, it seems that they will search these areas first. 
  • Don’t leave tech gadgets or electronics out in the open.  We have a nice camera that (luckily) was put away in its place, otherwise I think it would be gone.  I like to think everything has a “place” in the house, and valuables are kept locked. 
  • We were advised thieves don’t often look in the kitchen (this one definitely did not) so you might consider storing some valuables in a kitchen cabinet if they aren’t already in a safe.
  • We had one motion-sensor camera that operates while we are at work, but now we installed and additional one, plus a security system.  Both David and I will now receive notifications on both our email accounts if there is any motion while we’re gone. 

Just wanted to get the word out so that it might not happen to others!  We’re very happy we are both okay and that not much was stolen, but this has pushed us to reconsider our current location. 

Here’s what else went on for the week:

  • Monday – OFF! 
  • Tuesday – AM Swim Session, PM 4 mi Run + Upper Body Strength
  • Wednesday – AM 1:20hr Trainer Ride + PM Swim Session
  • Thursday – 5 mi AM run + lunch Body Pump.  Can’t quit Body Pump.  I need to figure out my own free weights program <I know>, but I love group fitness, and I feel so much better and stronger when I go.
  • Friday – AM 30 mi bike ride
  • Saturday – AM 7 mi run + 1300m swim
  • Sunday – AM 40mi bike ride (2.5hrs)

Total: ~11 hrs

Random eats from the past couple of weeks (overnight oats with nuts, lentil veggie burgers, roast chicken potatoes & veggies, Whole Foods his/hers salad bar, and salads at work):


4 thoughts on “Keeping Your Home Safe

  1. I am just sick to read this. I know how terrible it was when Daddy and I had this happen when we were first married. Glad you are both okay.

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