Betty Designs, Lululemon & Oakley Swimsuit Review

When getting ready for the beaches on St. John, I had one mission: new swimsuits!  I hadn’t gotten new ones in some time, so it was time for a swim wardrobe revamp Smile    And yes, I bought one too many, but I love them all and wanted to share in case there are active ladies out there looking for cute swimwear too!

Oakley Women’s Swimsuits:  Sporty ladies: Oakley swimsuits are a hidden gem!!!  While at the mall I stopped into the Oakley store to look at sunglasses, and I was SO pleasantly surprised with their swimsuits (and they were on sale)!  They fit my body really nicely and covered well; I don’t know if anyone else has tried other surf-inspired swimsuits lately (Billabong, etc.), but there’s not much coverage on the booty, so I don’t always find them practical.  Oakley, however, is made with active women in mind. 

This first one has a cool pattern & interesting strap design.  The material is also so soft; it is really quality.  I expect to get a lot of good use out of this swimsuit.


The second Oakley one I purchased is bandeau-style, which I normally don’t care for, but I liked that it wasn’t strapless and absolutely loved the bright color.  Seriously, if you haven’t checked Oakley swimwear out, do!



Lululemon Swimwear:  I had a gift card for Lulu and was just too curious not to try their swimwear.  Again, I liked the one I chose for its “sporty” look and really enjoyed having it for scuba &  snorkeling.  You don’t want to be adjusting your swimsuit the whole time you’re doing an activity or worry about strings and ties getting caught or untied.  I loved the back of this one too – sexy.  I did have to size up for both the top and bottom from my regular Lululemon size, so expect that if you buy one, otherwise the top will be pretty skimpy. 



Betty Designs Swimwear:  Lastly, I didn’t buy this swimsuit for the trip, but I got it for my birthday and couldn’t wait to use it.  This is the only one of the bunch I’d do serious lap or open water swimming with,; it’s made for that. It looks like it’s a Splish brand, in case any of you swim in Splish.  I had to get the tattoo-style design to match my fave cycling kit.  I also sized up for this one from my regular Betty cycling kit sizes.  Again, a nice drawstring, and it stayed very snug the whole swim.  I still will wear a one-piece for most swim practices, but look forward to having this for open water lake swims the summer.  I really want some more Betty swimwear including a one-piece, but I’m nervous about which size I am, as the suits are non-returnable!


So all in all 3 GREAT brands that I’d highly recommend.  Anyone else have any cute and functional swimwear favorites?

3 thoughts on “Betty Designs, Lululemon & Oakley Swimsuit Review

  1. love the sport bathing suits – i need some of those. my bathing suits are kinda skimpy – nice for tanning but they fall off when you do anything remotely physical. like surf. i know this from experience (as does my surf instructor and my bf’s family. oy.)

    1. Oh no!! I have had enough of the surfing mishaps to know what you mean, ha! That’s why I’m always looking for more activity-friendly ones 🙂

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