Catching Up

Hey y’all!  I hope you enjoyed the St. John posts.  I was missing the beautiful beaches as I wrote & edited those pictures!!  Life is getting back to normal though.  We were really smart on this vacation, and unlike on other vacations we came home on Friday night so that we had Saturday & Sunday to recuperate, unpack and rest before starting at work again.  We’ve had so many vacations that end abruptly and we are right back to work (we’ve even driven from the airport straight to work so we could get every last hour of vacation in), but I found it much more enjoyable to have some days at home before heading back to the office.  Though I still couldn’t seem to get enough sleep the entire week!!

My workouts on vacation were pretty light: a lot of snorkeling, one OW swim and one 40 min run.  The weekend I got back I was able to do some running, strength training and the Rapha Women’s 100km, a ride taking place all around the globe which was to encourage women to get out and cycle.  Ironically it was full of dudes, aka “man-bassadors”, but it was still pretty fun.  Here’s 3 of us girls (the other 40 guys not shown!) –


The rest of last week went like this:

  • Monday – 3 mile easy run (AM) + Pilates (lunch).
  • Tuesday – 2100m swim team (AM) + Body Pump (lunch).  A solid swim workout: 400 w/u free, 200 kick, 200 drill/swim by 50’s, 3 x 100 build, main set 4 x 150’s with the middle 50 being fast, plus a timed 300 (6:00ish minutes, boo!), 100 c/d.  I was supposed to do a bike ride, but got rained out and I was honestly too tired to do it anyway.  I was super tired all week and cutting back the workouts a little.
  • Wednesday – 2500m swim team (PM).  I had my annual physical this morning and had to fast – fasting is THE WORST.  How do you non-breakfast eaters do it?  I get grouchy.  My schedule was a bit off, but I went to swim team in the evening for a longer, challenging swim.  This week I was sucking it up in the pool though; I felt slower than ever.
  • Thursday – 5.25 mi run (AM) + Body Pump (lunch).  As much as I love my body pump, I think it’s the end of an era.  I am getting too sore, which is impacting my other workouts.  Maybe body weight and functional training like TRX is better. 
  • Friday – 2700m swim (PM).  I know this distance doesn’t seem like much to you swimmers, but my coach is really pushing me and I’m liking it!  After 1000+ m of warm-up and drills, the main set was two sets of 4 x 200’s, the first 3 being “fast” (timed) and the last one being recovery.  This was a mentally tough set for me.  My arms were still tired from lifting and I really had to push and tell myself positive mantras.  I broke the set up in my head, so I only focused on one part at a time versus the whole, daunting set.  It was really helpful.  I could only hold +/- 4:00 minute 200’s, but I was pretty happy with the consistency.
  • Saturday – 7 mile run (AM).  First long run of the season!  My friend Amanda and I met the running group for 3 miles, then added 4 miles on to the end.  Then I spent the remainder of the day cleaning out my house.  With the amount of goodwill & trash bags we had, it should be considered a workout!  And a little core + 20-min yoga… not enough of this lately!


  • Sunday – 40 mile city ride + 1 mile run OTB (AM).  David and I met my friend Alex at 6 AM for a city ride hitting a lot of overpasses around town.  I absolutely loved starting from the house and getting in 40 miles plus a short brick before 9 AM. 


Not much else going on lately, just prepping for things to come… hint, hint (Thanksgiving adventure!).


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