Time Management During Ironman Training

Hey! Hope y’all had a great 4th. I can’t believe it’s already half way through the year; I won’t start Ironman-specific training until closer to December, but will build up to a half distance (Oilman) in November.  I don’t have a specific training plan yet, but I’ve heard from many people not to burn out by starting training a full year before! 

Trainer = Mental Pain


However, I do want to start preparing myself for the time crunch and rigor or Ironman training.  I recall feeling swamped during half ironman training from endless loads of laundry, being hungry at all times (eating lots of packaged food & granola bars), and feeling overall tired.  So I want to do a few things to make things efficient and support my training as well as making sure I’m not wasting time that could be spent with family & friends.  Some of my non-training related ideas are to prep for IM are:

  • Learn 3 or 4 go-to slow cooker recipes
  • Organize 2 gym bags (one work, one home/swim) with everything I need for workouts (goggles, make-up, etc.)
  • Get a few extra laundry hampers for at home and get a system going for dirty athletic gear & towels <— sounds silly but laundry is intense!!
  • Pack car with emergency supplies in case I forget stuff (shoes, socks, old swim gear, granola bars, drink mix, etc.)
  • Stock up on a couple more swimsuits, chlorine shampoo/conditioner, swim ear and sunscreen
  • Spring Summer Cleaning: a good house clean out and trip to Goodwill always helps de-clutter life.

Does anyone else have tips for making life easier during Ironman training?  Or even favorite recipes?

5 thoughts on “Time Management During Ironman Training

  1. I’m only training for a couple of sprint tris right now, but still feel the time crunch between training, a very busy work schedule, staying in touch with friends, and just life in general. The best thing I’ve found is to load up on frozen food from Sam’s (chicken, salmon, talapia, broccoli, green beans or whatever else you eat) and make your meals on Sunday. Freeze what you need and put the rest in the frig. I also buy tons of bananas, peel them and wrap them individually in foil then take one out when I’m ready to make my protein shake. It’s time consuming for a few hours, but great for the rest of the week!

  2. Ditto. Training, work, baby, life(!) – no time for it all unless you get up at stupid o’clock! Got a nice recipe that always puts a smile on my face though, i’ll dig it out, type it up and stick it on my blog as soon as I can. Thai curry with jasmine rice. Fresh, healthy and packed with protein and carbs! Good luck with the training and the ‘turbo’ hell 😉

  3. For me it was tough not to eat out. Last thing I ever wanted to do was work for 9-10 hours train for 2 hours then go home and cook. Make as many meals ahead of the time like on the weekend and freeze/refrigerate them. Also, remember to smile and enjoy the journey!

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