Update on Goals

Cute new Lululemon top alert!  Yep, the bed is unmade and I look sleepy, but this was at 4:45 AM before a 6-mile run, don’t judge!


So back in May I posted on some goals; I like to post goals on the blog; it keeps me accountable.  But I haven’t felt accountable lately since I haven’t followed up on them!  So here are a few follow ups:

Cut back on refined sugar & gluten: I did pretty well in the clean eating department; in fact I’m making a lot of my own granola bars and balls now, so I can stay away from packaged ones.  And you know what, they keep me sustained just as well!  I find it pretty easy to avoid refined sugar, plus I LOVE honey, maple, and fruit.  No complaining here.  

Breakfast for dinner: Fluffy eggs w/ goat cheese, fruit and French toast with honey


I am, however, changing my views on gluten lately.  Is it really such a bad guy?  Instead of eating gluten free, I’m focusing on avoiding processed foods (i.e. baked goods and too much bread) versus whole grains and whole foods.  I like the idea of being able to try a few new grains I haven’t had in awhile like barley, couscous and spelt, because in reality, I don’t think gluten upsets my stomach that much.  Plus variety is the spice of life and sometimes you just need pizza! (minus extra cheese…)  I still love my brown rice tortillas for wraps and Udi’s products, but I’m throwing some Ezekiel sprouted tortillas into the mix too (so good).

Some sugar-free snacks: dehydrated BBQ Zucchini Chips (equal parts Cumin, Chili Pepper, Paprika + a little salt and a little Cayenne) & kale chips.


Log foods in MyFitnessPal: I did this pretty religiously for a couple weeks, and I think there are some pros and cons.  Pros: the app is pretty darn accurate once you include your exercise; when I was under in calories I woke up hungry, and when I was over, I woke up full.  I also got a good feeling on what % of carbs, fats and proteins I eat (a little on the high side towards healthy fats).  And it helped me realize when I was taking extra bites or eating packaged/processed foods that I probably didn’t need.  Cons: Like a lot of tools, it’s a little obsessive and sometimes I’m worried about how many calories I ‘need’ to get versus going by feel.

31 Day Ab Challenge:  Once again I got to day 28 or so and got dis-interested.  I started out strong, but then I found as the days went on I was doing a quick 4 minutes of non-quality ab work just to get through some days instead of really focused, quality core work.  So rather than trying for the 30 days, which was a great way to get started, I’m trying to just keep my habit of core work most days.  I’ve found a great Pilates class on Mondays that fits perfectly into my routine, I almost always do core after long runs, and I get some core work in Body Pump as well.

Swim 3x per week plus bike-run bricks: Hmmm… so this one, not so much.  Since May, I’ve averaged just over 4,000m per week swimming, which means only two days of swimming 😦  Not what I was planning.  I plan to up the distance this summer and last week was 7,000m – score!  I have a little more form work to do because lately I’m feeling extremely confident with my form on my right side, but my left side feels like more of a struggle than a glide.  I haven’t figured out if it is body roll issue or an imbalance, but I have a bit of a sinking motion when I turn to my left to breath.  I’m thinking of having David watch and video tape me in the pool since I’m at a loss. 

Do y’all have any goals for the summer?  For me, I’m still working towards more swimming yardage and more weekly bricks! 

8 thoughts on “Update on Goals

  1. Zuchini chips? Never would have thought of that. My father-in-law always used to give us a ton of zuchini each year, and we always wondered what to do with it (besides zuchini bread). Now that we’re in Texas, we don’t get any from him, but I think my wife might have planted some in our garden. I know what I’ll be requesting!!

    I can tell that gluten affects me, but I don’t feel like most of us need to avoid it completely. Seems like just staying away from all of the added gluten in certain products works well for me.

    1. Yeah, even my husband (doesn’t like zucchini) stole a zucchini chip recently (he thought it was dried apple) but then said “wait, can I have more?” so they are pretty darn good, and a great way to use all that extra summer squash.

      Yes, too much gluten isn’t great for me, but I think in moderation in whole form is okay.

  2. I agree with the above comments – zucchini chips sounds good, something different. What do you feel when you eat too much gluten? I don’t have issues with it and have never tried going gluten-free. Btw, how do you put your pictures side-by-side without using the Gallery feature?

    1. Honestly, kind of bloated when I eat a lot of gluten (breads mainly). I think bread is just a bit addicting, so maybe that is my issue that I just eat too much of it once I start!! I feel cleaner when I eat gf since I eat more veggies and whole grains in place of bread I guess. I use Windows Live Writer to draft all my posts and you can put pictures side by side in it.

  3. Related to the core stuff: i have started doing bar method and LOVE IT! I get 3-4 INSANE core workouts in a week and have a seen a noticeable difference – my stomach is WAYYY flatter and my back hurts less. Your first class if free if you ever want to try it!!

    As for the foods – I eat healthy and mostly organic, relatively low carb, but do eat more processed stuff than I would like… like Amy prepared meals. Sigh. I’m super impressed you make your own granola bars, that is great! I live by the honey stinger bars before a long run – the chocolate is delish!!

    Anyway, you look awesome in that photo too! See you tomorrow to run! 🙂

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