Productive for a Better Tomorrow

You can spend your entire life trying to be perfect OR you can spend everyday being productive for a better tomorrow. Never a day lost and many days to be proud of the small changes you are making. – TriMarni Blog

I found the above quote too inspiring not to re-post.  Every training session is another drop in the bucket towards your fitness goals, every day is a new day!

As for this week, since I have vacation coming soon, I wanted to hit this week sort of hard, so next week could be a little more R&R geared:

  • Monday – Pilates (lunch) + 2100m swim team (PM)
  • Tuesday – 4 mi run (AM) + Body Pump (lunch)
  • Wednesday – 60′ bike ride (AM) + 2500m swim team (PM).  For the swim, after 800m of warm ups & drills, 500m of build a couple hundred easy here and there, we did a progressively faster set: 300m negative split, 2 x 200m and 3 x 100m, then cool down.  My coach told me “I had you and ironman training in mind when I thought of this set”.  Thanks coach…
  • Thursday – 4 mi run (AM) + Body Pump
  • Friday – 6 mi run (AM) + 3000m Long Swim (PM) – I love swimming in the sunny afternoon, it was great!  I showed up, unsure what my coach meant by “long” swim and we did 3,000m together – I felt the burn!  The workout was:  400m w/u, 300 kick, 8x100m build, then a 1500m broken (3×500 with 10 seconds rest in between).  It’s my farthest swim distance in practice yet!  Pretty excited for such distance in swimming this week.
  • Saturday – 60 miles with Houston’s “Saturday Ride” (AM).  I always enjoy this group, they’re super nice and very speedy.  The last 10 miles were killer.


  • Sunday – OFF

Eats I’m loving lately?  Polenta pizza from Clean Start by Terri Walters; I’ve mentioned her recipes before because they’re so good.  I love this crust and have made it a couple times in the past two weeks – no need to worry about rising dough or kneading, and I can add lots of dried herbs to boost the flavor.  Plus, I can put just about any veggie from my CSA on top and David still enjoys it (example: he’s not an eggplant fan, but sure doesn’t mind it on pizza!).


My other new summer obsession is fresh herbs – yum!!  I’m loving basil and the new-to-me herb tarragon, both pictured below with fennel.  I used them to make a vegan Caesar kale salad with goji berries & fennel from Live Beaming – pretty tasty and full of nutrients!


And lastly a shot of the very colorful CSA batches from the last two weeks.  The weird squash below is flying saucer squash – odd but very tasty!


8 thoughts on “Productive for a Better Tomorrow

  1. I had a good friend just raving about eggplant. I think putting it on pizza sounds interesting and might just have to give that a try as I’m not sure I could eat it any other way!

    1. Yeah, eggplant can be different. I like it, but the hubby doesn’t (except for eggplant parmigiana which is too difficult to make) so on pizza it’s a great compromise!

  2. My sister just gave me a heads up about a cauliflower pizza crust that you might like – the pizza you posted looks unreal. We had some similar veggies in our CSA box this last week. Good job on the swim.

    1. Yay, love that you have a csa too 🙂 polenta pizza is super easy, and I’ve tried cauliflower too and like it, but it’s a bit more cheese-y

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