Thank you everyone so much for the kind thoughts and condolences, it really means a lot.  It felt good to write down what I was feeling and some memories of Granny.  I have been very lucky to have known all four of my grandparents for a very long time; Granny’s was the first memorial I’ve ever attended, so it’s really got me thinking about life and what I want out of it.  Having a loved one pass is a very difficult and sad experience, yet it did bring my family together and it also reminded me of how precious life is and that we need to savor every moment, especially those with elderly loved ones. 

Here we are giving a cheers to Granny with the family at our favorite Mexican food restaurant in San Antonio; after an emotional couple of days, it was great to spend time with my family and talk about happy memories of Granny.


Furthermore, it reminded me what matters in the grand scheme of things; while triathlon is something I enjoy, it is sometimes a bit selfish and needs to be part of my lifestyle, but not take over my life.  I know fitness will always be part of my lifestyle, but I just need to keep it in balance with other things – my relationship with my husband, family and friends, and not let it stress me out too much.

As for this month, June is well, over already!  With trips almost every weekend, I don’t know where the month went.  I haven’t posted any weekly updates for that reason, but I have made an effort to train where I could, and in fact, a little exercise helped with some of the sad times.  For example, it was nice to be able to talk about my grandparents with my girlfriend Amanda over some early morning runs, and also to get a quick run in with my Dad while we were staying in lodging on base last weekend and reminisce about our time in San Antonio when I was 12 years old.  Running can be theraputic, escpecially with family & friends.  And I kept swimming up; swimming gives you some time to get in your own head, because you don’t get to listen to anyone else but yourself!

I’m still averaging 8-10 hours per week (including strength training), and eating pretty healthfully.  A travel tip from last weekend: when I travel, I almost always have breakfast to-go, just in case.  Just pack a mix of oats, dried fruit, ground flaxseed and nuts in a plastic bag, so you can have muslei or oatmeal wherever you go.  Most fast food places sell milk and don’t mind giving you a spare cup for a bowl.  With that and one bunch of bananas, apples & granola bars and you are set for road trips.  For example, I had my cinammon/dried apple/walnuts oats mix with me, and when my family stopped by a fast food restaurant for breakfast (which was the ONLY option between the lodging and my grandparent’s house – I checked), I could just order a milk plus an extra cup, and mix my muslei with chopped banana and milk.  It’s silly, but I know that food affects my mood and well being, so I find it important to plan ahead and be prepared.  I’m 100% okay with being a “picky eater” – or as I like to say, “health nut”.  A good breakfast kept me fueled and satisfied, which is much needed when traveling.  When I don’t pack my breakfast, I find Starbucks is a good second option – their oats with blueberries or dried fruit and nuts plus a side of dairy or soy milk works too, and they sell Kind bars. 

Here are a few summery work/travel friendly to-go meals & snacks as of late: overnight oats with berries, yogurt with Greek mango & ginger, homemade granola bars, veggie packs with natural PB, dehydrated maple-quinoa granola, & blueberry waffles.  All easy to pack for snacks or breakfast!


Speaking of traveling, I’m getting ready for our first vacation of the summer – to St. John’s USVI.  My sister-in-law & her husband and my in-laws have all been and absolutely loved the US Virgin Islands, so we jumped on the bandwagon and are very excited for a laid-back vacation with lots of beach time.  We are renting a vacation house so we’ll have our own kitchen (a HUGE plus on vacation for me), and is away from the hustle and bustle of resorts.  I’m already thinking of what to pack – beachware, Game of Thrones books on the Kindle, and some homemade snacks & trail mix for the road.  We’ll be taking it easy on the workouts and doing some short hikes (the island is 2/3 national park!), a couple short runs, and maybe, just maybe a swim.

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