Les Mills BodyFlow Review

Last week I was feeling a little under the weather, so I decided to take it easy and headed to a Pilates class at lunch.  Or so I thought.  My gym changes their schedule quite often, and somehow the Pilates class had replaced with Les Mills BodyFlow.  Les Mills is the company behind BodyPump, a class I absolutely love and the reason I think I’ve stayed injury free lately.  I had tried BodyFlow once earlier this year and hadn’t loved it, but I also didn’t care for the instructor that time.  So this time I thought “what the heck, I’m here, I’ll give it another chance”.


Body Flow is 55 minutes (including ~10 minutes of relaxation) and broken into segments:

  • Tai Chi
  • Sun Salutations
  • Balances
  • Yoga Poses
  • Pilates
  • Stretch & Relaxation

My thoughts:  Overall, BodyFlow isn’t quite yoga, isn’t quite Pilates, and doesn’t “feel” like a workout.  I want to like it and I really loved the instructor for the class I took last week, however, I left for the second time feeling underwhelmed.  I don’t care for Tai Chi, I guess it’s just not my style; there’s too much waving my arms and standing there.  I love yoga, but there were only a few yoga poses, and it felt like we were moving along too quickly to get any real yoga in.  This was followed by some intense stretching, which I felt deserved a better warm up.  I don’t like stretching cold muscles, and prefer to be warm and sweaty before deep hip opening stretches.  Lastly, the Pilates portion was over so quickly my abs wanted more.  There is a nice 5-10 minute meditation at the end, that I almost took a nap during.  I guess I can’t complain about that.

The website claims an average calorie burn of 390 in the 55 minutes – say wha?!  I burn 400-500 during intense bike trainer sessions.  There’s no way I burned nearly 400 during BodyFlow with light yoga and a 5 minute Savasana (Corpse Pose); I guarantee it.


So all in all, I really liked this instructor and wished she were doing other classes at our gym, but I couldn’t get over the feeling of jumping from one discipline to the next, and never working hard, yet never really relaxing.  Next time I’ll use the time for a tough mat Pilates class or a sweaty Vinyasa Yoga class.

4 thoughts on “Les Mills BodyFlow Review

  1. I was told about Bodyflow tonight by one of my classmates. The only problem is my gym does not offer that, and I’m not about to get in the car and go all the way out to the Balboa location for it. Although it could probably stretch my muscles in my feet because of pigeon toes.

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