Elise & Mike’s Wedding–The Ceremony

In case you missed it, I’m continuing on from where I left off from the prep for Elise’s wedding.  This post is a bit long since I don’t want to miss out any details.  None of the photos are their professional pictures; just what we captured with iPhones and such.

The afternoon of the wedding, Bridal party met at the venue then walked (and were honked at!) all around the west side of town taking fun pictures.  Elise wanted to climb up on some in-use railroad tracks for pictures but we would not allow her, for safety as well as the sake of her dress.


Being the Matron of Honor, once we got to the venue I was trying to organize everyone, make sure they were walking down the aisle correctly, etc. so that the bride didn’t have to worry too much.  I didn’t have to do a whole lot but be bossy – not a problem!


The ceremony was beautiful – short, sweet and I was most sentimental when the groom almost cried.  After the ceremony there was a quick happy hour, then we were seated for food.  I had a pre-speech one-drink rule to make sure I wouldn’t get sloppy, so I enjoyed a local 5 Rabbits brew.  Tacos were served by Tamale Spaceship men in masks – awesome catering choice!  Really, for you foodies out there: they started with a mango-jicama-pumpkin seed salad then had guests choose from 4 corn-tortilla tacos to choose from (pork, chicken, cheese, and Portobello) plus rice & beans – perfect for vegetarians and meat lovers alike.  There was a lot of flavor and I’d highly recommend them for an event, but I have to say I didn’t eat too much since I was getting nervous about my speech which was going to be at the end of dinner.  The sweet best man (Billy, Mike’s little brother) and I shuffled our food a bit nervously for the 30 minutes we had to wait.  But, both speeches went really well and I got a few laughs, so I was quite happy and relieved!   I guess I was just nervous since you really care and want things to go perfectly when you’re doing something like that for someone you love.


After the speeches, cake was cut and we ate cupcakes from Chicago Cupcake that were divine.  David and I split two cupcakes, and the best was a chocolate “Turtle” cupcake with caramel oozing out of the middle – mmmm.  My heart still lies with my favorite Houston What’s Up Cupcake gluten free ginger-beet cupcakes, BUT these might have been the moistest, most decadent cupcakes I’ve ever had.


On the lower level dancing ensued where the ceremony had taken place – lots of dancing.  It was great and I was worn out by the end of the night, and had maybe one too many beers.  The little kid above was adorable putting the mustache on everyone!  Oh yeah, and the photo booth was getting some hilarious shots!! 


Above is Gillian, me, and our beautiful cousins Megan & Sarah.  Below left is the most hilarious picture of David with a beard.  If I’m ever feeling sad, I can just pull up this photo, laugh and feel better!  And right is my family, plus husbands & boyfriend.


We had a bit of an issue with the getaway rickshaw that never showed up.  For those of you readers in Chicago, I feel the need to publicly denounce Roger Rickshaw.  My sister had been so excited about the getaway pedicab (pictures would have been really cute), and she had even checked in with them the week of the event, but they never showed up and could not be reached via phone.  I was sad that she didn’t get her getaway pictures, but we did manage to get her and the groom to the bar they wanted to meet their friends at post-wedding, and she loved all the shouts, honks, and happy people talking to her as the bride.  By the way, her dress was only $300 from Etsy and required no alterations except a hem – pretty awesome right?!


The following day my head was pounding.  Yeah, one or two beers too many… Anyway, we headed to the Lincoln Park area to meet my family at Nookies Too for brunch.  They had a killer menu and I think everyone left full and feeling much better.  I was happy to get a big veggie omelet and some whole wheat toast to feel at least a little detoxed. 


A number of us had planned to go to Wrigley field for the game that day, but bleacher tickets were sold out and the other tickets seemed too expensive.  So we played a game of Enchanted Forest (a silly tradition), took a quick nap then headed back out for Rib Fest.


Yes, there is such thing as a festival just for ribs, and yes, Texas ribs where the best – I can testify.


Watch out ladies, this Texas Thunder from Downunder is all mine!

Believe it or not, we went out again that night; David and I only made it until midnight and turned in “early”.  We are so old.  Staying out and drinking is WAY harder than any triathlons or century rides we train for! 


All in all, Elise & Mike’s wedding fit them perfectly, and minus a couple minor issues it was just the way she wanted it.  I loved just seeing her big smile and Mike’s giddy smile that day.  It was wonderful to see and meet both families, and many old friends as well as meet some new ones.  Elise and Mike have so many friends for a reason, because they are just great to be around!  Congratulations to the new Mr. & Mrs. Berns!!!

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