And Some Even Bigger News!

For my friend Amanda: No, I’m not pregnant (since she always asks when I say I have news!) Winking smile

The real news, which some of you already know from Facebook, is that I signed up for Ironman Texas 2014!!!  Wow, what a rush of excitement and anxiety all at once.  I have gone through a range of emotions in a span of 3 days.  Did I just waste a year of my life away?  How will it feel to cross the finish?  I am so stupid.  I am going to be a champion.  I just spent a crap load of money.  Yep, I’ve been having too many internal conversations this week.

I honestly lost some sleep the night I signed up; not that I’m worried about finishing, but more so thinking about putting my life on hold for about 6 months.  And this might be the first and maybe only event that David doesn’t want to do with me.  He is very supportive, but endurance events are not for everyone, and he just doesn’t find long distance fun so I can’t blame him for not wanting to.  It will be an adjustment being on different schedules and understanding that I will be doing some high volume training for the months leading up to the race.  But we’re a pretty good team, so I know it will work out.

Texts between a friend and I the morning after we signed up:


I also managed to recruit friends from my swim team (including my coach), and they sent me the following emails:




I love the line “Brittany, I mostly blame you for starting this nonsense”.  I feel like such an instigator!Yep, we’re all crazy, scared and feeling a little insecure with our choices right now!!  Too late though, it’s been done.

On the positive side, IMTX has been on my mind for about two years now, so I’m excited to move forward with it.  I really want to get it done before considering starting a family (I know it will be too difficult and selfish to do an ironman if I have babies/toddlers running around).  As far as why I want to do it, I really just want to challenge myself and complete something I once thought I could never do.  Now I feel like I’m pretty close to it and just want to complete it.  And I kind of love training.  I know, you don’t meet many people who like being on the bike for 5+ hours, but I do!!

What I am most concerned about: an afternoon marathon in May in Texas, and getting my nutrition dialed in right

What I am most excited about: The Woodlands is just 45 minutes north of Houston, so I will know a lot of friends/family members that will be cheering and help push me through!  And the fact that I have friends to train with; we’re in it together.

Training Plans: I won’t start Ironman-specific training until closer to December, but will build up to a half distance (Oilman) in November.  I don’t have a training plan yet, but I’ve heard from many people not to burn out by starting training a full year before.  So my goals for the summer will be to focus on swimming, maybe add a little more mileage to running, and just keep up with the cycling by doing with fun group rides and such.

What do y’all think?  I have definitely questioned my sanity this week.  Do you have the same goal to do an Ironman someday? Any other future IMTX participants out there?

13 thoughts on “And Some Even Bigger News!

  1. Wow and good for you although I definitely think its a bit on the crazy / lost your mind side. Just finishing my first Olympic this past weekend, a full Iron seems like such a long and grueling race. Its still so hard for me to picture any one of the distances, let alone doing all three together.

    1. Haha, I know, it is ridiculous. I guess I feel like all of them are doable distances at this point for me, so I just need to figure out how to do them all three in a row… We’ll see how it goes!!

  2. Good luck with the challenge! Just found your blog through someone else and I’m looking forward to following your journey.

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