Good & Bad News

First the good news: I got a very random email this weekend saying “Congratulations Brittany: You have qualified for the Olympic-Distance race at the 2013 USA Triathlon Age Group National Championships on August 10 in Milwaukee, Wis., after finishing in the top 10 percent in your age group at the CB&I Tri The Woodlands.”  Wow, that is so cool!  Though I don’t plan on going (and might finish last if I did), it made me feel good!!

And now the bad news: Earlier this year I talked how David and I had a trip planned to bike the Alp d’Huez (a popular stage of the Tour de France) in June, and David and I had planned on it, BUT sadly we aren’t going to after all.  Airfare to Europe is really high right now, and with David’s new job we sort of dragged our feet on purchasing tickets.  It’s to a point where I would just feel guilty paying THAT much money for a trip.  We took a serious look at airfare, train, bike rental, and tour/hotel prices, and while we probably could afford it, we just didn’t feel the expense was worth it since we could do 2-3 trips for the same price.  Yes, riding a stage of the tour or similar European bike ride is still a bucket list item (maybe I’ll be 50 when I do it!), but it was not worth the expense this year.  On the bright side we are planning some trips in its place, maybe more on the relaxing side (Caribbean anyone?).   The only remotely beach-y thing I’m having lately are coconut-blueberry smoothies and hot coral nail polish…


Anyway, as for last week, this is what went down:

Monday – Rest day.  Whoops, hadn’t planned for this, but I needed a bit of a mental rest day and opted for wine & time with David instead of swimming or biking!  I reminded myself “you’re not in Ironman training [yet <— foreshadowing] so enjoy yourself a little!”  Plus, I’m a little frustrated at some of my projects and work in general, so we had a good talk about life goals and priorities for the rest of the year.

Tuesday – 4 mile run with Amanda (AM) + Body Pump (PM)

Wednesday – 60′ trainer bike (AM) + 2100m swim team (PM).  During swim team the lanes were a bit crowded to where I was drafting a lot of the time.  Following bubbles feels like having a wetsuit on!

Thursday – 3 mile hilly run (AM) + Body Pump (lunch).  David and I went on a date night to Spamalot, a Broadway Parody of Monty Python’s Holy Grail.  David actually bought the tickets by accident thinking it was a different show, and I had low expectations going in.  I’m a long-time John Cleese and Monty Python fan since I grew up in Britain and love British humor, and I didn’t feel like Broadway could be better than the Holy Grail.  The show was really good though!  We laughed a lot and really enjoyed the actors.

Friday – 1800m Swim Team (AM).  A couple months ago, I posted that my short-term swim goal is to swim 10 x 100’s at 1:40 on a 1:55 interval.  I’m not quite there yet, but am getting closer (and since the pool has switched to long course).  On Friday, I did 6 x 100’s at 1:45-1:50 on a 2:00 – 2:05 interval.  Things are improving, and I’m now noticing some very subtle imbalances that I’m working on:

(1) When breathing to my right side, my body positioning and rotation is much better and swimming feels easy and smooth.  When I switch to breathing on my left, I’m dragging.  I breath equally on both sides during practice (breathing every other stroke, and always picking one side of the pool to look at the whole time), so I hope if I focus on the body positioning and rotation, the left will improve over time.

(2) One leg kicks more than the other.  I know this because my left hip flexor, which does most of the work, gets tired over time.  I’m trying my best to concentrate on kicking with my right side as well.  I guess the whole right side of my body needs a little strengthening.

Saturday – 65 mile bike ride, ~4 hours.  Real Ale Ride in Blanco, TX.  We met up with my in-laws at Alamo Drafthouse for my favorite: Master Pancake!  It’s a show where comedians talk over movies much like Mystery Science Theater 3000.  This time it was Breaking Dawn Saga Episode 4, Part 1 – HILARIOUS!!

Sunday – Nada.  We drove home and enjoyed a little time at the pool, trying without much luck to remove those biking tan lines.


I was asked how I made this jam recently, and it’s a really easy idea I found on instagram via FantasticallyFit and CookTrainEatRace.  For whatever reason, I can’t find the exact recipe, but I think I warmed about 8 strawberries in a pan with 1T maple syrup (add more, depending on your preferred sweetness), and once they were warm (3-5 minutes) mashed them.  Then I added chia seeds (1/2 – 1T) to thicken the mixture up and let cook on low another 3-5 minutes to thicken.  I loved this method since it put some “almost bad” berries to good use that may not have been eaten otherwise.  I’m sure cornstarch or arrowroot powder could be used in place of the chia seeds.

11 thoughts on “Good & Bad News

  1. You should totally do the Nationals – why not! Sorry to hear about not being able to make it abroad as riding a stage sounds like a lot of fun – but use it as an excuse to travel to beautiful Wisconsin in August and give it a go – its all about the experiences and opportunity anyway.

    1. Yeah, I seriously thought about it, but the timing isn’t great and airline tickets are kind of high! Plus I’m not sure I’d have as much fun going alone if I were the only one I knew racing… Still you have a good point.

      1. You do happen to (sort of) know someone who works for an airline. I may or may not have a couple of extra stand-by tickets laying around if that’s what’s keeping you from going to Nationals. I wouldn’t even require you to put my name on your jersey as a sponsor!

      2. You are so kind! I could never accept though. I could fork out the money for the tickets if I really, really want to. I’m just not as excited since it’s a solo thing and I don’t know anyone else going. I feel like maybe a hiking trip or something like that might be more my style. But y’all are making me wonder if it is a big deal? Anyway, like you said, bragging rights are nice either way!

  2. awww sorry about not riding the Tour de France stage. I was looking forward to reading about it this summer. At least now you got your Ironman to think about …..!!!!

    1. I know, I was bummed too, but it was going to be way to many $$’s for what it was worth. You’re right, I’m sure all that Ironman biking will replace it 🙂

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