Real Ale Ride Recap

Hey guys!  I’ve been out for the past few days since David and I took a brief road trip to the Austin / Hill Country area for a fun bike ride.  We’d heard about the Real Ale Ride from some family members, and I was immediately game for a hilly bike ride starting/finishing from a brewery!  There were ride routes of (20, 30?), 50, 65, and 85 miles.  We started with the longer group and decided we’d see how we felt at the 65/85 turn off.

Who doesn’t like a ride with a free meal, 2 beers and an Italian ice cream?


Before we left Houston I made a batch of sweet & savory rice cakes while I was packing.  I set 1 cup of rice in the rice cooker and once the rice was done, I created one sweet (Roasted almond butter + Blueberry jam + Shredded Coconut) + one savory (Bacon + Egg + Parmesan) set of rice cakes, so David and I could each have one for the ride.  Using the large pan and a rice paddle to form the cakes worked perfectly, and these were great during the ride.  I posted this picture on twitter even got a retweet from @Skratchlabs – I’m officially obsessed with their recipes!


As for the ride itself, we started out with a friend, but he took off way too fast for us.  I’m a negative split type of gal, and I like to warm up!  I was really frustrated with my (road) bike most of the ride though, because I had a creaking noise.  I think it’s the seat post; I’m looking for a new one, just haven’t purchased it yet.  Anyway, the first 25-30 miles were fairly hilly, then we hit a nice rest stop and turned off, deciding to do the 65 mile route.  On the 65 mile route, there was one memorable never-ending hill where I kept looking down to double check I was in my easiest gear. 


We stopped again around mile 50; it was getting really hot at that point and we’d turned into some fairly gusty cross- and headwinds (15-20mph with gusts).  I had a rice cake and some refreshing orange slices.  For the last 15 miles, I got a second wind and felt really strong.  I have no idea why it takes me 50 miles to feel so great?!  So I pulled the rest of the way back, with David asking me to back off the speed occasionally.  Maybe it was the rice cakes I was eating at the rest stops?  They were magic. 


The ride itself was fun and scenic, but the route was not one that I would return to without being on an organized ride, since some of the roads had fairly high speed limits.  They had nice charcoal t-shirts (some of the better ones I’ve seen), that said “Up the hills, down the beers”, and we each enjoyed a beer post-ride – there were plenty of great beers on tap to choose from.  Cheers to fun bike rides!!


3 thoughts on “Real Ale Ride Recap

  1. Great ride! This just made me more pumped about my upcoming bike tours! Nice recipe, how did you make the rice stick together?

    1. I cooked the rice, then formed the cakes while the rice was still hot. I formed them with a rice paddle and it worked well. I let it cool before cutting, and used a wet knife to cut them to prevent sticking. Let me know if you try them!

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