Grandma Susie’s Shish-ka-bobs

I’m once again participating in CETR’s #EnduranceFoodies blog carnival, and for May, the theme is BBQ/picnic meals.  BBQ meals was a perfect suggestion, since I had a recipe I was going to post for you all shortly anyway!  Remember my 30th birthday party in the park?  We cooked one of my favorite meals: Shish-ka-bobs, a family favorite from my Grandma in California.  It’s really, really, easy, and something fun to serve a large group.


In fact, I love this dish so much that it was our wedding meal; we cooked everything ourselves and it was a hit.  Served along with brown rice and salad with Asian ginger-sesame dressing – yum! 


The recipe below can be adapted to however many people you might be serving, so I left exact amounts of protein/veggies out.  All veggies are optional, but having pineapple in (the lone fruit) is necessary!

Grandma Susie’s Shish-ka-bobs


  • Marinade: 1/4c of each: White Vinegar, Soy Sauce, Vegetable (or other) oil, Worcestershire Sauce, Sugar
  • Protein Suggestions: Chicken or tofu (tofu might be more easily grilled on foil)
  • Veggie + Fruit Suggestions: zucchini, yellow squash, tomatoes, onions, bell peppers, pineapple

Directions: Cut foods into bite-size pieces (see pictures above).  Whisk marinade together, then marinate protein & veggies separately, for 6+ hours.  My parents use the tupperware shown below which is ideal since it flips upside down:

51qlfG SixL

If you don’t have something that flips, be sure to stir occasionally as the marinade may separate.  Once finished marinating, put each food on a separate skewer (this is important as the foods cook at separate rates, so best to do one onion skewer, one tomato skewer, etc.).  Save some marinade for brushing on protein/veggies while grilling.  Grill, rotating skewers continuously and brushing with marinade.  Serve with brown rice or grilled corn and salad.


Check out what’s on tap with the other #EnduranceFoodie blogs (below) for May.  They’ll be updating their blogs as the week goes on.  Enjoy!

12 thoughts on “Grandma Susie’s Shish-ka-bobs

  1. I love grilled pineapple! The marinade looks tasty. I may try it with other fruits, maybe grilled peaches later in the summer, to get that sweet / salty / grilled flavour! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Gotta love shish kabobs. I use tempeh to make mine and grilled pineapple may be my most favorite grilled fruit. Hello new meal to make this spring/summer over and over.

    Thank you for participating in the #EnduranceFoodies again.

    1. Yes – the grilled pineapple always seems to disappear first in this dish, there’s never enough! Definitely enjoying being part of #EnduranceFoodies, it’s a nice challenge for me, thank you!

      1. lol – I was actually going to write back “but Jason needs to be there also to cook us some of his delicious food!”

      2. We’ll have to find a race we can all plan on attending and do an #endurancefoodies meet up someday! I love excuses to travel for races and would be great to meet y’all 🙂

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