Last Week in Numbers

Monday: 1900m swim team (PM).  Our coach timed us for 200m (long course) and I did a 3:24 min, so I feel like that’s a pretty good improvement from my 3:28 min time (short course with more walls) 200yds earlier this year.

Tuesday: 3.85 mi AM run with Amanda (AM) + Body Pump (Lunch).

Wednesday: 60′ trainer spin at home (AM) + 1600m Tri Swim Team (PM).  It’s odd, but I don’t mind getting up early to spin.  I’ll get up at 4:50 AM, then it takes me about 10′ to get dressed, eat a Clif bar, get some water, etc., then I’m on the trainer at 5:00 AM and done by 6:00.  I like the lights off, and I usually listen to some music via headphones so I don’t wake David.  Since I was doing a 10K on Thursday, so I just spun in the small ring the whole time.  For swimming my coach gave us an easy practice with lots of form work *HEAVEN!*  Just what I needed.


That’s the not-so-exciting view from my trainer at 5 AM (right) and my absolute FAVE drink mix (left).  Obsessed with Skratch Labs hydration mix – the only drink powder I use!

Thursday: Esprit de She 10K (PM).

Friday: Well-deserved rest day!  Lots of bridesmaid dress shopping (for my sister’s upcoming wedding), then mani/pedis with Amanda, followed by joining our hubbies at the bar for drinks & darts, which turned in to late night pizza Smile 


Saturday: 6.5 mi run with David & Amanda (AM).   I had thought about 9 miles, but after being derailed by wine Friday night and still sore from the 10K, 6.5 was as good as it gets! 

Sunday: 47 mi bike ride with David.  Flat, on the tri bike, beautiful day!

This week’s hours were a little shorter (9.5 hrs), mainly because I cut out some strength training & biking due to the 10K race.

Here’s some instagram delicious-ness to sum up the week in terms of food (from top left): Homemade strawberry jam (chia seed/maple/strawberry mix), gf banana nut bread, fava bean-garlic sautéed quinoa over avocado-kale with egg on top, and egg & rice pizza slices with sautéed veggies.


I was thinking about swimming this afternoon, but I can’t get past just thinking about it… Maybe tomorrow Smile

5 thoughts on “Last Week in Numbers

    1. Sure – I’ll share in a full post, but it’s really simple, just berries heated with a little mapley syrup, then chia seeds thrown in to thicken it up!

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