Esprit de She 10K Race Recap

Phew, someone remind me that 10Ks are HARD next time I sign up for one.  I think of all the running distances, it might be the hardest!  5Ks are fast but over soon, and half marathons are at a steadier, sustainable pace.  10ks are at a delicately balanced pace where I feel like you pretty much push hard the whole time. 

Ok, enough complaining, on the bright side I raced in the Esprit de She women’s Houston 10K last Thursday night and got a new 10K PR!!  I came in at 49:45 mins, 3rd in my 30-34 AG, and 13 out of 327 other women at an ~8:01/mi pace.  It was pretty warm out (80 degrees?), so I was happy to have been able to PR by 2 minutes.

This was my first women’s only race and it was kind of cool – though still fairly competitive.  I swear, girls are more competitive than you might think!


The race was 2 loops, and I of course went out too fast.  I really thought I’d have no issue holding 8:00min/mi the entire time, but the heat proved me otherwise.  Since I’d started out so fast, I just decided I’d try to keep increasing my heart rate from there.  I was surprised how long I could hold it in the 170-180 range.  Don’t get me wrong, this did not feel great!  I’m pretty sure I maxed myself out on this one. 


My only issues were that traffic built up on the course during the race, and the cops directing traffic were sometimes stopping runners to let cars go by – when your heart rate is super high and you’re pushing your hardest you become sort of a B* and just want to keep running.  And also my Garmin didn’t match the mile marker flags; when I hit the 5 mile flag, my Garmin said 4.4?  The finish line couldn’t come soon enough!   The finish, however, was kind of awesome when I got to it because I actually crossed the tape for the first time.  It felt like I was a real champion or something!

After the race I was happy to meet up with fellow blogger Rachael as well as some girls from Sports Bra Slingshot Racing (a new Houston-based tri club I joined).  I feel bad, I was a sweaty mess and Rachael didn’t even look like she ran, sorry Rachael Smile  She’s really speedy and got 1st in her AG for the 5K – wow!


Overall, this was a really good mid-week training opportunity, but it was difficult to compete in a hot, evening race in May in Houston, so next time I might not put any crazy expectations on evening runs.  I even had a few chills afterwards because I’d worked so hard.  Do y’all get that?   Either way, glad to have raced and glad it’s DONE.  Now time for some much needed rest & recovery [eating]. Have a great weekend!!

Full Disclosure – Lifetime Fitness comp’ed my race entry for this one.  I may have run it anyway though since I knew some girls doing it and it’s a great way to get in a hard run in during the week!

6 thoughts on “Esprit de She 10K Race Recap

  1. Brittany, 10Ks are HARD!!!!!!!!! 🙂

    Excellent race you did, and splendid timing! Did they reset the tape at the finish after each person?

    1. Yes, you definitely could work your way to it!! 5 years ago I’d never done a run longer than 3 miles. And now I love half marathons – I would never have thought!

  2. Very impressive and sounds like a great race. I just did my first ever 10K this past weekend and couldn’t agree more that it was so HARD. I felt like I had to go at 5K pace the entire distance and even thought about pulling in after the first loop. That and there was a 15 year old boy in front of me that was just kicking my butt. My time was a lot slower but it was a great experience.

    1. Thank you Bob! Yes – the pace just hurts the whole time. Yeah, what’s up with all these fast teenagers? I have 12-year old girls passing me during triathlons sometimes!!

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