Esprit de She 5K/10K Tonight

Just a quick note for today: I’m running the Esprit de She 10K this evening.  If you are in Houston (ladies only!), then come join, there is a 10K & 5K option.  Packet pick up & registration is onsite until 5:45.  As far as race goals go, I feel like I should be in shape to PR, BUT this race is mid-week and I did no such thing as taper, and it’s in the afternoon just as the weather has started getting warmer.  So I’m not sure how it will feel.  At least I can consider it a fast training run if nothing else! 

In other Houston news, the City just passed a Safe Passing Ordinance.  It means vehicles need to keep a safe passing distance (3 feet) from cyclists, pedestrians, and workers.  I think this is great news and that Houston has really been improving the “bike-ability” of the city.  In fact, David even commuted to work this morning!  I did get into a debate with a co-worker, however, since she is frustrated the city is spending money on hike & bike trails instead of on pot-holes in her area of town.  She said “well it’s Texas” and “Houston is a vehicle city”.  Yes, but just because it’s Texas doesn’t mean we can make small changes over time and get people on bikes and running more!  Personally, I’m all for the hike & bike trails and what our mayor is doing to improve the city.  I also hope to bike commute soon and will post on it when I do.  We only live 3 miles from the office, but ideally, I’d like to get a ~20 mile cycling workout in, then ride into work; plans are being worked on…

I have a rest day Friday, including a mani/pedi (woo hoo, much needed!!).  I haven’t decided on weekend plans since the weather is iffy, but a long bike and long run are on the menu! Cheers, I’m off to my “10K happy hour”.

One thought on “Esprit de She 5K/10K Tonight

  1. I wish that they’d make a safe passing distance law up here (it’s my understanding that Rick Perry veto’d a statewide bill back in 2009). At least you guys will have something to keep you safer down in Houston!
    Good luck at the race tonight.

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